Top 10 Brunette Sci-Fi Babes to Party with in Las Vegas TV Characters
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Top 10 Brunette Sci-Fi Babes to Party with in Las Vegas

List Criteria: Vote for the ones who - due to their powers, charm, looks, whatever - would be best to have by your side on a Sin City trip

There's plenty of hot Sci-Fi blondes, but here are some brunette Sci-Fi babes that'll tear it up in Vegas. These are the babes that would make any Vegas trip unforgettable. Wouldn't it be a great idea to bring a brunette sci-fi babe to Vegas? Think about the endless possibilities of what shenanigans could occur. Think about going to a club: any of these hotties could help you scan the room and be a great wing woman. She can help you fend off any unwanted fights and she could make you look real good. We haven't even gotten to the table games. Imagine if one of these babes could count cards. the possibilities are endless.

Who are the top 10 brunette sci-fi babes who would be the best to party with in Las Vegas? Take a look at our suggestions and imagine the best case scenario.
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