Top 10 Cameron Diaz Comedy Movies Films
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Top 10 Cameron Diaz Comedy Movies

The best Cameron Diaz movies ever alsop happen to be some of the funniest movies of all time. Not all of these were met with critical praise, but fans of Diaz likely enjoyed them. From 'The Mask' to the more recent 'Bad Teacher,' Diaz has racked up a rather impressive number of decently entertaining, funny films!

What are the best Cameron Diaz comedy movies? These Cameron Diaz comedies are the best of the bunch and showcase the sexy Cameron Diaz at her funniest. If you like her breakout performance in 'The Mask', you're bound to be reeled in by 'There's Something About Mary', 'Shrek', and the delightfully comical 'Charlie's Angels'. 

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    Never tire of Diaz in this one. She's the perfect Mary, the object of every man's obsession. The hair gel scene sealed the deal.

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