13 Celebrities Caught Behaving Badly on Planes People

13 Celebrities Caught Behaving Badly on Planes

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Celebrities are not known for being patient – and they probably didn't get famous for being nice. So, not surprisingly, this list of celebrities who have been kicked off planes isn't short. No, it's a nice fat list chock full of examples of celebs going totally rogue and then getting themselves thrown off of flights (not in mid-air, though the crew probably thought about it), arrested in airports, and slammed in the media by those who witnessed their obnoxious behavior first-hand.

Just because you're famous doesn't mean you can act like a complete a** anywhere you want. There are consequences! Pity these people's handlers, trying to explain away their client's craziness.

Behold, a definitive list of stars who have been thrown off of flights, thrown in the slammer, and even thrown right under the bus by celebrity gossip mongers!

What stars have been kicked off planes? This is a list of celebs behaving badly on planes. Take a look at their behavior, and hopefully you won't suffer the same fate as them.

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    At this point, Azealia Banks may be more famous for her bad behavior than for her music. (She makes music, right?) In September 2015, the rapper was caught on camera calling a flight attendant a "f*cking f*ggot." The incident began when Banks's flight landed in Los Angeles, and she tried to push past a French couple in her rush to get out the door. When the flight attendant took her bag and asked her to calm down, Banks fell backward before fleeing the plane.

    Ever classy, she later Tweeted, "Ok so I get hit in the face by a man and no one cares. The only hear what I called the man who was blocking my exit. I'm gonna get my gun license cause this is just ridiculous. Yall niggas think I'm playing."

    Source: Daily Beast
  2. Apparently, spending a week in Turkey for sunbathing and yoga wasn't enough to give Kate Moss a more zen look on life. The supermodel was escorted off of her easyJet flight in June 2015 as soon as it touched down in London. Officials would only say that they were called to attend to a "non-compliant passenger," but others on board say Moss was drinking vodka out of her bag and may have gotten into a argument about the steep price of in-flight soda.

    Guess flying on discount airlines and avoiding pricey Cokes are how she can afford all those fancy vacations.
  3. Christian Slater
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    Actor Christian Slater got himself in serious hot water in December of 1994, when he tried to board a plane at New York's JFK airport while carrying an unlicensed pistol (a 9-millimeter) in his luggage. Seriously? Even in the pre-9/11 era, you didn't ever do that. Everyone knew that, right? Except for Slater, I suppose.

    He was arrested right then and there at the Delta terminal, charged with criminal possession of a weapon and eventually sentenced (as part of a plea-deal) to three days of community service. Three. Days. For packing heat on a plane.
  4. When the flight attendant tells you to turn off all electronic devices, she really means it. Apparently, while sitting on a plane waiting for take off at LAX, Alec Baldwin refused to turn off his cell phone. Though it is unclear how many times he was asked, he disregarded the request. It actually got to the point that the flight had to taxi back to the gate where Baldwin was removed.

    The reason for his refusal to follow FAA guidelines that have been in place since the advent of cellphones?

    In Baldwin's defense, it's not every day that you get a chance to play "psychopathology" for a 1026 point score against Barack Obama.

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    Naomi Campbell and airports: You just know this isn't going to go well, don't you? In April of 2008, the supermodel went absolutely bats**t crazy on a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles. She managed to get herself tossed from the plane before it even left Heathrow Airport. What set Ms. Campbell off (this time), you ask? Lost luggage. Uh oh.

    Apparently, Campbell's bags were among several that weren't loaded on to the flight. British Airways felt badly – bad enough, even, to send the captain to apologize personally to Campbell. She was having none of it, spouting a long tirade back as she shouted into her cell phone. The tirade ended with Campbell dropping an F-bomb to the captain and calling him a racist ("You wouldn't be doing this if I was white.")

    Campbell was escorted from the plane – but not without a (cat) fight. She hit an officer with her cell phone, spat on another, and tried to skewer all of them with her stilettos. She was later convicted on charges of disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer.
  6. When you gotta go, you gotta go. That, no doubt, was what actor Gerard Depardieu was thinking when he proceeded to urinate on the floor of a CitiJet plane that was about to take off. He'd apparently asked to go – but was told to wait by the crew. To be fair, the plane was delayed on the tarmac. That sucks. That still doesn't excuse the 62-year-old Depardieu for his behavior. Glad I wasn't his seat mate. Really glad.

    Was Depardieu actually kicked off of the Paris-to-Dublin flight? CitiJet wouldn't name names, except to say that a passenger, who "appeared inebriated" (you think?!), was "escorted off the plane along with his two traveling companions and their luggage."

    CitiJet may not be naming names, but they did issue a kind of public service announcement on Twitter shortly after the incident, saying, "We'd also like to remind all passengers that our planes are fully equipped with toilet facilities..."
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    Diana Ross made headlines in 1999 when she was detained for several hours for allegedly assaulting a guard at London's Heathrow Airport. Apparently, she was ticked off because a female guard tried to do a full body search on her before she boarded her Concord flight (she'd set off a metal detector, thus, the need for a full search – which is routine. Unless you are famous.) Ross decided she'd frisk the guard right back!

    Ross was arrested but later released after the incident.
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    Josh Duhamel may look like an all-around nice guy – but looks can be deceiving. In early-December of 2010, Duhamel was reportedly booted off of a flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport. Duhamel reportedly got angry when asked to turn off his Blackberry before take off – like normal, non-celebrity people do. An irate Duhamel "taunted" the flight attendant and was eventually escorted off of the plane by officers.

    Duhamel later said he wasn't proud of his behavior, adding that it was "one of those moments that I wish I had back."
  9. You just knew The Hoff would turn up on this list, didn't you? Yep. In 2008, David Hasselhoff was banned from a British Airways flight because he was too hammered. He denied this, of course, because as we all know, he never drinks. It sure sounds like he was stinking drunk. A passenger was quoted as saying, "He wasn't aggressive, he just had problems standing."
  10. Courtney Love
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    Singer Courtney Love threw an epic tantrum on a Virgin Airways flight in 2003, refusing to sit down and generally being...well...Courtney Love. She wouldn't fasten her seatbelt, she wouldn't calm down and she verbally abused the crew on the flight from L.A. to London. Once the plane landed, she was detained for several hours.

    So, what went so wrong? First of all, Courtney Love got on a plane. But in this case, she was apparently furious because an attendant wouldn't let her buddy into first class with her.
  11. On 10/20/13, while travelling from New York to New Orleans, Ryan Reynolds got puked on. While seated in first class. By the passenger in front of him WHO PUKED INTO THE WINDOW. Reynolds, who was wearing a beige sweater and seated next to wife Blake Lively, was offered airplane napkins to remove the vomit one onlooker described as looking "largely made up of red wine." Sadly (or happily, depending on how you look at it), the napkins did not remove the puke or the smell, so the hunky star removed the sweater and reportedly traveled in a thin t-shirt the remainder of the flight. 

    For not riding out the flight shirtless, Mr. Reynolds, we dub you a bad celebrity flyer.

  12. Ivana Trump
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use
    Ivana Trump might be the surprise celeb on this list. The Queen of Cool was thrown off of a Florida flight because she went OFF on a group of unruly passengers, hurling F-bombs and generally going berserk. Who hasn't wanted to do that at one time or another, right? Except in this case, Ivana cussed out a group of unruly CHILDREN! A police spokesperson said, "From the initial contact until Ms. Trump left the property, she was saying f - - k you to all the deputies," adding that Trump called the children "little f - - kers."

    Ivana Trump's behavior was so bad, in fact, that the plane returned to the terminal. When the Delta flight crew told Trump she had to go, she flipped out even more – and "charged toward the cockpit!"
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    In April of 2006, rapper Snoop Dogg and his crew caused total mayhem at London's Heathrow Airport. Snoop and Co. were apparently quite irritated when they were refused entry into British Airways' first class airport lounge. In the "mini-riot" that ensued, seven police officers were hurt. Snoop and his posse also threw whiskey bottles during the melee. All were arrested. A year later, the UK refused to grant Snoop a visa for his tour.

    Snoop Dogg was later cleared, and video footage taken on the day of the brawl shows a smiling Snoop, entertaining several kids in the airport before he gets IRATE at security when he's asked to leave the lounge area and get on the plane. That's when all h*ll breaks loose...
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