Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery People
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Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

These celebrities achieved their ideal bodies with a little surgical help.Too bad none of them know about the Green Zone LAP-BAND. Want to learn more? Talk to at Nuehealth case manager at 866-987-2573.

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    One of the most vocal celebrities about weight loss surgery, Carnie had Gastric Bypass in 1999, broadcasting the procedure live on the internet. As a result, Carnie went from a size 28 to a size 6 and lost 150 pounds. In 2003 she posed nude for Playboy to display her new figure. Carnie later toured TV talk shows and hosted her own infomercial to publicize her satisfaction with the procedure.

    New Gastric Plication: stomach reduction procedure involves no device or resection; same weight loss as RNY Gastric Bypass like Carnie, but less risk of complication and only 1-2 night hospital stay.

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    Sharon Osbourne had Gastric Bypass surgery in 1999 and lost over 100 pounds. In 2010 she told People Magazine she was planning on reversing the surgery so that she could learn to control her eating issues on her own. For more information on weight loss surgery, visit:

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    Currently a contestant in the Spring 2011 Celebrity Apprentice, Star admitted to her 2003 Gastric Bypass surgery in 2007, after having denied the surgery for several years. The surgery resulted in a loss of 160 pounds over three years. People considering weight loss surgery are often (justifiably) nervous about the stomach resection and intestinal rerouting involved -- aspects of the procedure that can lead to anemia, bone and hair loss, 'dumping syndrome', as well as the rare but potentially fatal complication of a stomach leak. A new procedure that results in comparable weight loss results, but fewer risks of complication (and only 2 nights vs 12 in the hospital) is gastric plication - read more here:

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    Brian’s successful film, television and and stage career spans over 25 years, and has earned him two Tony’s and six Emmy nominations. He had LAP-BAND® surgery prior to 2009. Learn about the international leader in LAP-BAND(R) surgery:

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    Roseanne Barr, whose hit TV show, Roseanne, ran for 9 successful seasons on TV had Gastric Bypass surgery in 1998, and eventually lost over 80 pounds. Losing with LAP-BAND is now easier than ever with Green Zone LAP-BAND - patients lose sooner, faster, and need fewer fills

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    Randy is the only one of the original American Idol judges still evaluating young singers each week. Fans of the show have seen Randy shrink, losing 113 pounds after Gastric Bypass surgery in 2003. How can Gastric Bypass help you lose weight? Talk to a case manager at 866-978-2573.

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