Top 10 Chatroulette Pranks On Lonely Guys Anything
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Top 10 Chatroulette Pranks On Lonely Guys

If you haven't heard of, it's a website where people are video-connected to a random person anywhere else in the world... These random people could be waving friendly people, disembodied penises, or someone trying to prank you via Chatroulette's "video upload" function where you can upload a video to show instead of your face when people stumble upon your channel. Here are the best pranks being posted on YouTube by creative pranksters nailing lonely guys in their most vulnerable state on Chatroulette. Looking for hot girls on chatroulette? You're in the wrong spot.

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    Meet Jessica Alba

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    Click the previews for the other versions of this after this first video is over. This is the quickest, greatest and funniest Chatroulette prank that is being regularly played on lonely guys, girls and groups of all sizes.

    It's basically a video that Jessica Alba made for a site called where someone challenged her to a staring contest. She actually responded and uploaded this video, which is now being used to endlessly troll through

    Sure, this has been used many times over by now on that website, but until now it has just been giggle-worthy. It is now hilarious.

    About 9 seconds into the video chat (which is apparently JUST enough time for any guy to get excited about private video chatting with JESSICA freaking ALBA), the image of Jessica Alba turns into a picture of the Goatse. The reactions are absolute gold as one of the most beautiful women on Earth turns into one of the grossest pictures the internet has ever put together -- and that's saying a lot.

    Now, we can't (well we can, but we won't, as we don't want to see it) show you what the Goatse really is if you don't already know. Just know that it is a really graphic picture of a gentleman grabbing a part of itself, and then, let's say, "opening up" to the world.

    Here's a picture we found of Kermit the Frog doing the Goatse, in case our masterful use of the English language escaped you in the last paragraph: [NSFW... kind of]

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