The Top 10 Comedians Who Died Too Young People

The Top 10 Comedians Who Died Too Young

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    Sam is number 1 on this list because he had over come his demons. He was the original Rock Star of Comedy and was living that lifestyle to the fullest. After years of battling his drug addictions, Sam finally won his sobriety, and then was hit by a drunk driver.
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    Possibly one of the most tragic ends a comedian could face. Most comedians tend to pass due to Cancer, Drugs, or Accidents, but Phil was actually taken from us by his wife... and I miss him to this very day.
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    It's scary to think how identical Chris Farley is to Belushi in so many ways. They were both discovered at 2nd City in Chicago - They were both stars on Saturday Night Live - and they both died of Drug overdoses at the age of 33.... The only reason I put Chris higher on this list is I feel he had a bit more of a lovable teddy bear style to him. Which made losing him more tragic.
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    What all is there to say about Bill Hicks? He was an amazing comedian. Had he not been stolen from the world, I have no doubt he would be right up there with Pryor and Carlin as the Best there ever was...
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    Belushi was Loved by all and has secured comic immortality. It's sad to think that he was able to accomplish so much in roughly 6 years of the spotlight he was given...
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    Lenny Bruce is unquestionably the godfather of modern stand up...
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