Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping Comic Book Characters

Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping

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In honor of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting Comic-Con next week on the grounds of "Idol Worship" ( ), here are the 10 greatest comic book Gods worth worshiping.

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    Of all the super heroes based on mythological gods, it is the Mighty Thor who is the longest running and most popular.


    Created by Stan Lee in 1962, Thor was created simply because Lee was running out of ideas for giving normal humans super powers. There are only so many radioactive spiders and gamma bombs after all. So why not just make his new hero an actual God?

    Instead of going for the more well known Greco/Roman myths, Stan and artist Jack Kirby opted for the lesser known Norse Viking mythology, and the whole thing worked like gangbusters. For some reason, Stan gave the Norse Gods the affectation of speaking in Shakespearean dialect, which made zero logical sense, and yet everybody rolled with it.

    Although a contemporary of Spider-Man, The Hulk, and the X-Men, Thor never really achieved their mainstream success, although that is due to a change next year when Marvel Studios releases their Thor movie.

    Hopefully by this time next year, little kids across America will be yielding plastic versions of Mjolnir, Thor's enchanted hammer, and speaking in 'thees" and "thous". We can only hope that our favorite God has the kind of success he deserves.

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