Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping Comic Book Characters
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Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping

Here are the 10 greatest comic book gods worth worshiping. These gods are the coolest, best, most powerful of all the gods appearing in comic books, all compiled right here for you to enjoy. 

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    The source of all of Thor’s daddy issues, Odin rules over the Gods of Asgard with one eye and one hell of a beard.

    Mostly used to issue declarations and shake his head in disappointment as his wayward children, Thor and Loki, Odin could throw down with the best of them when it came down to it.

    In fact, Odin has died something like three times in glorious battle since his Marvel introduction, but like all good comic book characters, he keeps managing to get better.

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    Originally created in the 1930’s by Conan the Barbarian author Robert E. Howard, Crom is God of the fictional Hyborian mythology (well, all mythologies are fictional, but you know what I mean).

    By the 70’s, when Conan became the star of his own Marvel Comics series, the titular barbarian was shouting "By Crom!" or "By Crom’s Blood!" or "By the Milky Semen of Crom!" (ok, maybe I made the last one up) as often as Superman of Batman shouted "Great Scott!"

    We never actually see Crom in a Conan comic, except for visions had by Conan, the way people in real life see Jesus in pieces of toast or dog’s asses (click here for proof) .

    Still, considering Conan’s remarkable luck on the battlefield and with those Frazetta-esque warrior babes, I’d say Crom is not just in Conan’s fevered imagintion, but is indeed looking out for his #1 fan.

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    Yes, THE God. The Judeo Christian God himself is an actual character in DC Comics mythology. The Spectre is his Spirit of Vengeance after all, spreading his angry wrath to sinners of all shapes and sizes. The angel Zauriel, formerly of the Justice League of America, is a member of God’s Eagle Host of guardian angels in Heaven.

    We never actually see this version of God in any DC books, no doubt to not piss off many of their more religious fans, but he (or she?) occasionally shows up as a booming voice from the heavens, kind of like in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    So the Westboro Baptist Church can calm down, now, right? Or does this also count as idol worship? Hmmm...

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