Top 10 Corrupt World Leaders People

Top 10 Corrupt World Leaders

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Corrupt leaders are prevalent in every country of the world. Here is a list of the top 10 corrupt world leaders. Only some countries with corrupt leaders have made it to this list, thanks to its corrupt presidents and corrupt prime ministers with illegal money making skills. You can copy this corrupt world leaders list to make a list of your own.

Some of the most horrible people in the world are on this list, and with good reason. They were supposed to help lead their country into brighter days, for selfish or other reasons, they decided to consolidate power into their own hands. You may recognize some of the names on this list as some of the most heinous people in power today.

For the sake of this list, corruption is defined as playing a part in the political process and on the insidious impact of corrupt politics on public life in societies across the globe, as defined by the Transparency International Global Corruption Organization.

Who are the world's most corrupt leaders? The people on this list shouldn't be too pleased to see their names on here, but then again, they could have whoever compiled this list axed in a heartbeat.

Source: Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2004.
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    President of Indonesia (1967-1998)

    Born: 1921
    Birthplace: Kemusuk, Eurasia, Indonesia
    Nationality: Indonesia
    Profession: Politician, Soldier
    Cause Of Death: Cardiovascular disease, Heart failure, Renal failure, Respiratory failure
    Interment Location: Astana Giribangun
    Place Of Death: Eurasia, Indonesia, Jabodetabek, Java, Jakarta
    Date Of Death: 2008
    Suharto : see more

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