Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Insurance Policies Anything
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Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Insurance Policies

You can insure just about anything, it seems. Take a look at some of the more ridiculous items celebrities have insured over the years.

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    Troy Polamalu's Hair

    He's the safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  But more importantly, he has fabulous hair that is insured for $1 million dollars by Head and Shoulders, who clearly want to protect their interest.

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    Dolly Parton's Bust

    She might be known for her voice, keyword "might." But her
    bosom is what has the insurance policy, at $300,000 per breast.

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    Gene Simmons Tongue

    What is a super long tongue worth these days? About $1 million...

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    Tom Jones Chest Hair

    While most people shave their chest, Tom Jones insures it, at a staggering $7 million. Of course, this is probably just a big, hairy joke.

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    Keith Richard's Middle Finger

    The eccentric
    Rolling Stones' guitarist insured his ever-important middle finger to the tune of $1.6 million. Is that enough?

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    Rich Hall's Sense of Humor

    Perhaps the most ridiculous insurance policy out there, or most irreverent, goes to British stand-up comedian Rich Hall, who insured his "sense of humour" for roughly $1.5 million.

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