Craziest Ironic Deaths of All Time - Volume 1 Anything
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Craziest Ironic Deaths of All Time - Volume 1

Ironic deaths are the stuff of legend when it comes to the craziest deaths imaginable. For starters, the owner of the Segway died in a Segway accident and a Green Party candidate was killed by an SUV. Some of the most ironic deaths of recent memory have been gathered here in this ironic death list.

Ironic deaths are both easy and hard to define; unlike the Alanis Morissette song, there's a little more subtlety to calling a freaky death "ironic". Some of the most tragic deaths in history, however, were true cases of irony and life finding a way to turn death into something simultaneously funny and fascinating.

Sure, a lot of funny deaths in history are extremely tragic and unfortunate, but very few are actually "ironic." Feel free to debate the irony of these freaky deaths and ironic passings and if you can't get enough of the craziest deaths ever reported, check out the list of most ironic deaths in history - volume 2.
  1. 1

    Owner of the Segway Company Dies in a Segway Accident

    Jimi Heselden was the owner of the Segway company and an avid user of the two-wheeled motorized scooters the company produces. A multi-millionaire, he owned an estate in the countryside of England, and there would ride the rugged country version of the Segway. That particular contraption contained such luxuries as a mudguard and extra wide tires with deep treads for going off the road, 'cause there's nothing like off-roading on a scooter.

    But one day, while going "off-roading" on the rugged Segway, he literally went off the road and drove off a 80 foot cliff down to his death.

    Click here for a picture of the fall he suffered.
    Click here for the full story.

  2. 2

    Green Party Candidate is Killed by an SUV

    Natasha Pettigrew was set to be the Green party's candidate for the U.S. Senate. A successful, well-rounded politician, she also aspired to be an accomplished tri-athlete and she would train tirelessly in the early hours of the morning. Like any eco-friendly Green party candidate she rode her bike whenever she could.

    While riding her bike one day she was hit and killed by a driver in an SUV. To add insult to injury, the driver thought she was a deer and just left her on the side of the road to die. She rode all the way home with a bike under her car. That's right, she was driving an SUV big enough for her not to "notice" that she had an ENTIRE BICYCLE under her car. This is when cars get too big.

    The police found the bicycle embedded in the undercarriage of the car and the Green party found its political hopes destroyed in one stroke, and one completely unnecessarily long, loud car ride. She was killed in front of her father and half-brother, who survived the ordeal.

    Click here for the full, tragic and pretty appalling story.

  3. 3

    Man Acquitted from Electric Chair Dies in Accidental Electrocution on Metal Toilet

    In 1989, convicted murderer Michael Anderson Godwin was awaiting the electric chair for the charges bestowed on him.

    The universe decided, then, that the U.S. Criminal Justice system was being a little too slow for its liking, so as the man was on his metal toilet (a fate horrible enough in and of itself) he tried to fix his television. And to prove exactly how great a decision-maker he was, he decided to bite down on a wire of his television while sitting on this metal toilet. This electrocuted him, using the wet metal toilet as a conductor, and the voltage killed him.

    Honorable mention to Laurence Baker, also a convicted murderer, who (while serving a life sentence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was electrocuted by his home made headphones ("No, I swear these are legit") while watching TV and sitting on a metal toilet.

    Word to the wise, next time you're at a metal toilet either in prison or in a beach bathroom, do NOT watch television and do NOT touch ANY wires. Ever.


  4. 4

    Man Drowns in Pool During a Life Guard Association Party

    In 1985, the New Orleans lifeguards threw a big party to celebrate the fact that no one had drowned in any pool during the summer season (no, really). A clean, no-drowning record! A GREAT reason to celebrate!

    "Hey Mark, guess what?"
    "What, Kyle?"
    "You're never gonna - okay. Get this. No blood on our hands this summer."
    "What? Are you kidding me? We NEED to have a party"

    But when all the excessive celebrations were over, Jerome Moody was found drowned at the deep end of the department pool. Mr. Moody was not a lifeguard, but he was at a party where 4 lifeguards were on duty and another 200 off-duty lifeguards were in attendance, celebrating that an entire summer with no deaths...

    Click here for the full story.

  5. 5

    Psycho Body Double Killed In Shower

    Myra Davis, whose professional acting name was Myra Jones, was involved in the production of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. She served as a stand-in for Janet Leigh, the woman who (spoiler alert for anyone who was born less than five years ago) was killed in the famous shower scene to the horrific, screechy strings.

    In 1988, she was raped and killed by a man who was so obsessed with Psycho’s famous shower scene that he wanted to re-enact it upon Janet Leigh’s body double. Unfortunately for Myra Davis, the producers of the film had kept such a tight lip on how they shot the scene and which actresses they used that the information the killer gleaned over the years was skewed.

    Davis never appeared in the shower scene. It was another actress, Marli Renfro, who served as Leigh’s body double and subsequently the body that audiences and the killer saw stab over and over again on the big screen. Not only was she killed in the same way someone was in the movie she was most famous for, but she wasn't even IN the scene the killer was trying to recreate.

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