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Top 10 Craziest Things Ever Said By Pat Robertson

Recently, a devastating series of earthquakes rocked the small Third World country of Haiti. The country now lies in ruins because of this horrible event which has caused a still unknown number of deaths. The reason? According to TV's resident nut job Pat Robertson, it's because the Haitians entered into a pact with the devil and now he's asking them to pay up.

But that's not the only time Pat has offered us some wizard-like insight. Here's a highlight of some of Pat Robertson's most shining moments, starting with the most recent.

What are the craziest things Pat Robertson has said? There are plenty to choose from but these are the highlights (lowlights, depending on your point of view), so sit back, relax and enjoy the crazies things Pat Robertson has ever said.

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    Bonus: Pat Robertson Calls for Assassination

    Because the craziness of Pat Robertson clearly can't fit into a top ten list, by popular demand, here is Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez that can be found at 00:35 in this video. Pat doesn't mention God here but I think we can all rest assured that Mr. Robertson got the OK from the Man Upstairs before he started running off his mouth yet again.

  2. 6

    Pat Robertson Figures Out How To Deal w/ Your Gay Son

    Watch 0:20-1:49 for Pat Robertson's advice on how to cure your gay son.

    First of all, the person that calls in refers to their son as "their neighbor". Well, Pat Robertson takes this very well and starts off by correcting the question, saying "he's not your neighbor, he's your son" (0:35). And that's about all the love you're going to get from Pat if you're gay.

    From there, he outs all homosexuals as "victims of sexual abuse". Of course, something or someONE has to have MADE them that way, right? Because homosexuality is TOTALLY an STD.

    Pat Robertson's head: "Don't sneeze on me! No! No!...Awww, now I'm gay!"

    Then he proceeds to call gays an "abomination before God", in a very matter-of-fact way, as he does.

  3. 3

    Pat Robertson Predicts Terrorists

    Every year Pat Robertson talks to God and God tells him what to expect for the upcoming year.

    In 2007, God told him about some terrorist attacks that would happen at the end of the year killing possibly millions of people. MILLIONS. Move over Roland Emmerich, Robertson's got opinions to shoot at America with a THOUGHT-CANNON!

    Mr. Robertson padded his prediction by adding that maybe if the people prayed hard enough, the attacks won't happen. I guess in 2007 people prayed hard enough. Not so much in 2001. Clever, Mr. Robertson, real clever.

    Watch from 00:20 on.

  4. 5

    Pat Robertson on Gay Marriage/Beastiality

    The first minute of this video gives you what Pat Robertson really said, but watch the video from 1:03 to the end get the full Pat Robertson visual and soundtrack. Embrace your hatred...

    Mr. Robertson thinks he can define gay marriage on his own terms. Everything that comes out of his mouth is much like what's in his head, unicorns and leprechauns.

    He relates gay marriage to polygamy, beastiality, child molestation and pedophilia.

    The only plus side of his verbal spillage is that it makes it easier for us to throw out all his ideas on those topics at one time.

  5. 7

    Pat Robertson on Hurricane Katrina

    In another superman-like leap of logic, Pat Robertson links Hurricane Katrina to supporting abortion or "the wholesale slaughter of innocent children."

    Whatchu talkin' bout, Robertson? Furthermore, according to our favorite Troll-doll-lookalike, anyone who supports abortion will be "vomited out of the earth" and "be unable to defend themselves."

    Is there an unknown clinic harvesting millions of unborn babies for use in Satanic rituals somewhere in Louisiana? If you're listening out there, Pat Robertson says it's your fault! Thanks a lot, guys.

  6. 2

    Pat Robertson on Karate + Chuck Norris

    This Pat Robertson clip gets a little tricky because he's almost likable when he starts talking about Chuck Norris. References to "ghetto kids" (0:40) dapple the conversation but hey, the guy's got to start slow. He's like an orchestra of crazy, he needs to "build."

    In the long run, a Pat Robertson show is a Pat Robertson show and the crazy s**t has gotta come out somehow. And boy does it come at...

    1:00 - when Pat starts talking about martial artists inhaling "demon spirits." He then wards off the audience from having anything to do with that type of stuff.

    This is one of the craziest things he's ever said, but with it he's accomplished something awesome and therefore finally contributed something positive to this world: giving us the idea that Chuck Norris' awesomeness is powered by DEMONS. Freaking DEMONS! hell yeah! (See what we did there? hell reference? No? Moving on... )

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