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Recently, a devastating series of earthquakes rocked the small Third World country of Haiti. The country now lies in ruins because of this horrible event which has caused a still unknown number of deaths. The reason? According to TV's resident nut job Pat Robertson, it's because the Haitians entered into a pact with the devil and now he's asking them to pay up.

But that's not the only time Pat has offered us some wizard-like insight. Here's a highlight of some of Pat Robertson's most shining moments, starting with the most recent.

What are the craziest things Pat Robertson has said? There are plenty to choose from but these are the highlights (lowlights, depending on your point of view), so sit back, relax and enjoy the crazies things Pat Robertson has ever said.
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That Guy Was A *BLEEP*

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I know, I know, lots of Homophobia here... but his ardent belief that homosexuality is the equivalent of "adult cooties" is both sad and hilarious to me.

Pat Robertson takes a call from an angry pro-choice Republican on Larry King Live. He defends himself for a bit, taking a few things the caller said out of context, then the station goes to a commercial break...

01:04 - When he assumes the cameras aren't rolling, Pat Robertson gets really homophobtastic with his vocabulary by calling the guy a certain derogatory term.

The best part is the reassurance he gives the person he's speaking to..."as sure as you're alive."

Pat Robertson: Earthquake, Tornadoes = 'Birth Pangs'

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0:49 - So, he calls the China earthquake, tornadoes in California, and other natural disasters "birth pangs" for a pregnant Earth... then starts talking about a new order?

The craziest and scariest part is how happy he seems to be about the concept of the biblical apocalypse happening soon... very soon.


Bonus: Pat Robertson Calls for Assassination

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Because the craziness of Pat Robertson clearly can't fit into a top ten list, by popular demand, here is Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez that can be found at 00:35 in this video. Pat doesn't mention God here but I think we can all rest assured that Mr. Robertson got the OK from the Man Upstairs before he started running off his mouth yet again.