Top 10 DC Romances Comic Book Characters
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Top 10 DC Romances

Here's my favorite couples in DC. Have fun and comment!
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    Batman and Catwoman (Bruce & Selina)

    I think everyone loves these two. I love the constant cat and mouse games they play. I love how he refuses and she continually tries and tries again.

  2. 2

    Green Arrow and Black Canary (Ollie & Dinah)

    Both of their personalities in one relationship is a definite WIN. Not to mention they are always having anger sex. Awesome.

  3. 3

    Mr. Miracle and Big Barda (Scott & Barda)

    She's big, beautiful, and loves her man like crazy. Nothing can seperate these two.

  4. 4

    Flash and Iris West (Barry & Iris)

    "My Iris." was Barry's quote. He loved her with everything he had, and she loved him the same way.

  5. 5

    Elongated Man and Sue Dibny (Ralph & Sue)

    There was so much love in this pairing. I'll tell you right now that DC loves screwing things up.

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