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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

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Dirtiest Objects - these are the 10 most common things you touch every day that are filled with dirt and germs making them the least clean objects in your life. Some of these will be very obvious but others may surprise you. The world is changing and there are so many things that seem clean but are really dirty. Nobody likes to get sick and that is why the health care industry is doing so well. Purell and Clorox make the big bucks from selling sanitizing products and this list is not going to make them any poorer. After you see how many things you use every day are dirtier than your toilet seat you may just become obsessive about cleanliness.

What are the dirtiest things in the world? From money to Either way you will probably be fine. The human body is amazing and it adapts to dirty environments by creating immunity to the bacteria and diseases that try to take over your body. The choice of being clean is yours but check out this list so you know!

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    Light Switch

    Somebody's got to do it, and usually it's the last person in the room. So pack up your things quick and get out of there because turning off the light switch in a public area is just about the nastiest task anyone can be assigned to do, besides counting rolls of money (refer to #1). All the itty bitty germs love swirling around on the plastic switch that's touched by millions of dirty fingers over the years add up to about 217 bacteria/square inch. According to a local restroom sanitation glossary, that's what you'd call a common contact point where germs are transmitted. Clorox wipe, anyone?

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