The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day Products
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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

What is on this list may surprise you. From regular occasional hand-washers to germaphobes, this list of dirtiest objects you touch every day is guaranteed to get your skin crawling and your hands frantically searching for the sanitizer.

Get your soap and your sanitizer, and get ready to dive into this list of dirtiest objects. You may never want to touch anything again after this.

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    Light Switch

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    Somebody's got to do it, and usually it's the last person in the room. So pack up your things quick and get out of there, because turning off the light switch in a public area is just about the nastiest task anyone can be assigned to do, besides counting fat stacks of cash (refer to #1).

    All the itty bitty germs love swirling around on the plastic switch that's touched by millions of dirty fingers over the years add up to about 217 bacteria/square inch. According to a local restroom sanitation glossary, that's what you'd call a common contact point where germs are transmitted. Clorox wipe, anyone?

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