The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day Products
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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

What is on this list may surprise you. From regular occasional hand-washers to germaphobes, this list of dirtiest objects you touch every day is guaranteed to get your skin crawling and your hands frantically searching for the sanitizer.

Get your soap and your sanitizer, and get ready to dive into this list of dirtiest objects. You may never want to touch anything again after this.

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    You better have as much tolerance for the dirt on your bills as you have for the love of money itself, because you won't be escaping money's bacteria any time soon.

    From the store cashier to the drug dealer's cocaine to the homeless man on the street, there's an enormous amount of bacteria on every buckaroo in your pocket. Dr. Darlington (yep, that's the name), the Health Commissioner of New York, found 135,000 bacteria from washing one bill and 126,000 from another. In other words, experts have long been afraid that paper money could be the source of a contagion outbreak.

    It's about time to put on those latex gloves. Or encase yourself in a plastic bubble.

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