Top 10 Female Singers in Tamil Cinema Today Bands/Musicians
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Top 10 Female Singers in Tamil Cinema Today

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    Ghazal, Indian classical music, Filmi Fantastic Singer and Most successful singer in all south indian languages in the year 2012. She has the right choice for 1st place in 2012.

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    Indian classical music, Carnatic music She is very versatile and has the capability to sing in any kind of song. She has the right choice for 2nd place after Shreya.

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    Shwetha is the most promising and sweetest singer currently ruling Tamil and Malayalam and even Telugu industry. Being daughter of Famous Sujatha, She specially set a trend for her. Versatile to sing

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    Madhusree is purely most promising and very good Singer.

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    Suchithra Karthik Kumar

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    Indian classical music

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