Top 10 Fetishes Found at Comic-Con Every Single Year Anything
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Top 10 Fetishes Found at Comic-Con Every Single Year

For many attendees, San Diego’s International Comic Con goes beyond simply indulging their inner geek. An extraordinary refuge for the socially obscure that offers both diversity and the fleeting glimpse of public acceptance, Comic Con makes the ideal venue to indulge in some other, lesser known behaviors that would be taboo in most any other location. Here are the top ten fetishes found this, and every, year Comic-Con International in San Diego.
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    Asiaphilia – a sexual attraction or preference for people, culture, or things of Asian origin, specifically by those of non-Asian descent; this has actually led to two other , more rare fetishes found at the convention: hentai and tentacle erotica.

    Here’s a video of an attractive Asian girl dancing like a cat while many watch and some even film.

    Also (very politically incorrectly) called "yellow fever" and "rice chasing," the past decade’s technological explosion has been an undeniable contributor to the rise in Asian popularity in pop culture. Exposed to a newer, sexier version of the stereotypical Asian via video games, anime, and hentai (Click here for the NSFW definition of hentai) , Comic Con has since met demand with plenty of supply for all your Asian loving needs, providing the public with entire booths dedicated to the more rare and hard-to-find hentai found in the world.

    hentai, then, gave way to the wild world of "tentacle erotica", which isn’t figurative. It is exactly what you think it is, but that kind of hentai often gives way to another, more specific, kind of fetish found at the convention…

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    Frotteurism -- Paraphilic interest in rubbing against a non-consenting person for sexual gratification. It may involve touching any part of the body.

    Think that guy brushed your shoulder because he wanted to move past you? Did that fat woman graze you because she didn’t have enough room? Did they shake your hand because they legitimately found you interesting? Throw over a hundred thousand people into one place at one time and try not to get touched by someone. The sad truth is, many Comic Con attendees are devastatingly lonely. You’ll never really know if one of the many bodily contacts you’ll make during con is contributing to someone’s sweaty, self-depreciating jollys or if it’s as close to the "real thing" as they’ll come. Or even if they’re happily married or do GREAT with the opposite sex. It’s really a toss-up, because this is quite a rare, yet often undiscovered fetish.

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    Mammaphilia, also called mammagymnophilia, or mastofact–The Sexual Attraction to the Female Breast.

    Here’s a video of a guy hunting down and harassing a bunch of hot girls, showing us exactly how much this fetish is actually placated at Comic-Con.

    Undoubtedly the most prevalent and socially accepted fetish on this list, mammaphilia is present in nearly every aspect of the convention. In movies, television, video games, comics, statues, art, and attendees themselves, you will see breasts exaggerated by tight, revealing clothing designed to attract the American, 18-34 year-old male, who happens to be the largest Comic Con demographic; so in other words, it’s marketing genius. But, honestly, who doesn’t mind seeing an occasional glimpse of the accentuated female form ?

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    Chronophilia -- sexual attraction of individuals directed to others of age ranges different from than their own, including teleiophilia (attraction to adults) and pedophilia (attraction to children).

    We’re all familiar with the stereotypical dirty old man, sitting in a white van in front of a primary school, watching the little boys and girls, passing out candy…and I’m sure at least one of the con goers fits this stereotypical "pedobear," if you will. But let us not forget the other side of this fetish, whose participants may well exceed in numbers that of the pedophiles themselves. Try to find a tween that doesn’t find Johnny Depp attractive, despite his being 47 years of age. Or one who doesn’t want to jump Robert Pattinson’s bones, aged 24, or his ancient vampire character in Twilight Edward’s, aged 109.

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    Autagonistophilia – Sexual arousal/orgasm are achieved by being on stage or performing in front of other people.

    Some people just can’t get enough of the spotlight. So much so that being the center of attention literally gets them off. Makes you look at shows like "Glee" and "American Idol" in a whole new light. This is another fetish that works both ways, someone that is stimulated or achieves climax by observing someone performing or on stage is called a scoptophiliac. With the amount of amateur panels for low-level podcasting, meet-ups and sense of power small subsections of the internet get at Comic-Con each year, it’s not mystery why people who feel this fetish (even if they don’t know it) flock to the convention each year for some reason or another.

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