Top 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight Foods
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Top 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Magic Diets don't exist. But because they're rich in fiber, some foods take longer to eat, yet have fewer calories per gram. They may also alter intestinal hormone levels and lead to your feeling less hungry.

That's the idea behind the following foods which because they're also tasty-trick your body into feeling satisfied with far less fat and fewer calories: Check out

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    Research shows that snacking in particular is often the result of mistaking thirst for hunger; write Tarla Dalal and Dr Swati Piramal in East Your Way to Good Health. Water has no calories, so it's great for filling up. Those who find it a plain bore can quaff low-calorie drinks that contain mostly water such as buttermilk, coconut water, and watermelon juice. Clear vegetable or dal soups are nutritious and don't have many calories, avoid cream soups.
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    The more slowly you eat; the easier it is to recognize your body's satiety signals. And what snack takes longer than peeling and sectioning an orange? Oranges have only 48 calories. (200 ml of orange juice, with all the fiber gone, has about 115).
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    Make salads with tomato, car rot, beetroot, cabbage, capsicum, lettuce, or cucumber all low in calories-your diet staple, to liven them up, you can use curd or lemon as a salad dressing. Sandwiches too, are a goods way to have these raw vegetables. The bread helps fill you up, but don't use butter-spread a coriander-and-mint chutney instead would do good.
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    High fiber cereals

    By providing bulk, some cereal-based foods, too, fill you up on relatively few calories. They include chapattis, roasted corn on the cob, dhokla or idlis, and white rice upmas. Other breakfast choices could be oats, poha, or rice wheat-or- corn-flakes low in sugar'. Pour skim milk on the flakes. If you prefer them sweet, add chopped fruit.
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    Air popped popcorn

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