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Top 10 Fox News Fails of 2010

The people over at Fox News have caused many laughs, cries and broken television screens in 2010 and usually in that order. The network has created so many blunders and mistakes that its mere existence as a news agency is in of itself amazing and saddening. So, from targeting themselves as terrorist supporters to misrepresenting video clips to airing massive headline typos, here are the top 10 Fox News fails of 2010, in no particular order.

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  1. 1

    Fox News Outs Themselves as Evil Terrorist Mosque Supporters

    Jon Stewart knows a thing or two about demolishing Fox News and their absurdities. One report that Stewart and sane Americans particularly enjoyed watching due to its shocking and comedic element is one where Fox News outs themselves as agents funding terrorism. Either that or Fox News is even more idiotic than we thought possible, which is also just as funny.

    The issue revolves around how Fox News' planned to settle the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate, the idea of whether or not an Islamic Center should be built. Fox reporters said that their tactic is to "follow the money" from mosque builder Imam Rauf to terrorists, because of course, there has to be some sort of connection there or else we're not thinking in the minds of Fox News correspondents. Well, in this case, such a preposterous assumption, might actually work for the benefit of the good because the money from Imam Rauf leads straight back to Fox news itself.

    Through the "Kingdom Foundation," Mr. Rauf has ties to the Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who also happens to be one of the biggest shareholders of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. So, according to Fox News, if they keep their nose on the trail they might just find the big themselves! This is one case where we actually DON'T want to correct Fox News, just to see when they'll see the mess they created.

    Watch Stewart shred Fox News and their accidental journalism-suicide-bomb to pieces for the greatest Fox News FAIL of the year, arguably:

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  2. 2

    Atheist Owns Fox News Correspondent on His Own Show

    When Dan Barker, co-president or the Freedom of Religion Foundation and author of "Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists," made an appearance on Fox News, he really showed the world who knew the basics of history better.

    Long story short: Atheist author 1, Fox News reporter 0.

    Barker came on to discuss the 2010 U.S. District Court decision to ban the National Day of Prayer, and how the government-sponsored day makes some Americans who don't believe in evangelical prayer feel like outsiders. After making strong points about freedom and a godless constitution, the Fox correspondent rebuts his point with a quote that does not come from the Constitution but the Declaration of Independence.

    *Buzzer sound*

    Barker, of course, catches the mistake and begins to correct the interviewer but the reporter unabashedly cuts him off, turning the attention away from his blunder and onto his next very important question: "Obviously Christmas has its roots in Christianity. Is that something the government should no longer recognize as well?"

    While Barker answers his question with extreme skill and the tact of an absolute Saint (irony intended), the reporter must've gotten more notes to read from and once again tries to counter Barker by saying that he's objecting on the establishment clause that reads there is no establishment of religion on the government.

    Good try, but Barker says "Actually there is an establishment of religion." He then points to the First Amendment and once again trumps the correspondent's arguments.

    Atheist ex-preacher 1, Fox News 0.

  3. 3

    Fox News Tweets Softcore Porn Site

    Believe it or not, Fox News reporter Major Garrett has a large Twitter following.

    I know, it's our nation. *shrugs*

    That's why tons of people saw the Vegas call girl website link Garrett tweeted and then quickly deleted in January. According to Garrett, he was trying to give his Twitter followers a link to Obama SOTU excerpts and said that the " turned [his] original link into a soft-porn link."

    If his schedule has anything to say for it though, Garrett may have just been doing a little pre-travel planning. Turns out, he was actually going to Vegas the following week to cover Obama's stump speech for Harry Reid. You can bet Fox News only gives their correspondents the best of accommodations.

  4. 4

    Fox News Headline Promotes Obama's Private Parts

    When the Obama administration decided to give the title of White House "Food Initiative Coordinator" to Sam Kass, President Obama's personal cook, in an effort to monitor obesity in America, Fox News loved the idea.

    Maybe a little too much.

    Their appreciation for Obama soared to unfathomable heights and they expressed it with the following headline story: "Feds to Monitor Obesity as White House Promotes Obama cock to Senior Position."

    Really, every member of President Obama's cabinet deserves recognition, even apparently, Little Barack.

  5. 5

    Fox News's Annual Geography FAIL

    First it was the complete takeover of Iraq by Egypt in 2009, now it is the relocation of Sydney, Australia in 2010. Fox News proves yet again that they do not have the slightest handle of world geography when a February reporting shows a map onscreen with Sydney on the wrong side of Australia. There's something called double-checking before going on air that Fox should really look into. Either that or a community college. Or testing your graphics guys for dyslexia.

    Click on the image on the left for an enlarged look at someone who obviously Googled their geography and got their information off of an old Geocities site with construction guy .gifs.

  6. 6

    Fox News Does Not Blame Republicans Who Voted Against Health Care for 9/11 Responders

    On the "Fox & Friends" show, Fox News reports on the block closure of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 that would cover health care costs to 1st responders of the 9/11 attack sites.

    So basically, Republicans cutoff health care to 9/11 first responders, which means that yeah, just about 10 years was enough for them to "forget", despite all the bumper stickers and XXXL t-shirts explaining that the expiration date on that guilt was "never".

    Fox's legal analyst responds to the decision with "Shame, embarrassment, outrage and anger" (all while sad-sounding jazz music plays in the background, thanks to Fox's special effects masterminds).

    He also claims that the American senators have "turned their back on American heroes."

    However, one thing that the reporter fails to mention in all his backlashing is that 42 votes against the bill were all done by Republicans.

    So in fact, it was Republican senators themselves who blocked the 9/11 responder health care bill. The mysterious omission crucial information is the FAIL here and the fact that pretty much everyone called them on it is an even bigger FAIL.

    Fox is like that kid in class that gets busted for using the same exact sentence as Wikipedia on a history essay... only people rely on them for news.

    See the video evidence here:

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