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Top 10 Game Franchises

My Top 10 Video Game Franchises. Many consider Mario, Sonic, Zelda and even Pokemon to be the best but they are not included for the simple reason that I've never played, nor do I plan to. I have no interest in them.

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    I have never played games like the MG series. Games that can make you laugh, cry, feel adrenaline, combine stealth, guns, combat all interlocked with a story and a cinematic style that could rival any Hollywood movie. This is the total package and the pinacle of video game genius.

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    The greatest sandbox games ever. You're either nothing like GTA or you're a failed attempt at a GTA. With it's reputation that almosts precedes the game itself, no game as broke the popular culture barrier like GTA. A game that is almost a parody movie with it's constant knob gags, violent slapstick and it's abillty to take the piss without no consequences. It is the ultimate F-you to society. Pretty much because you can kill the society in this game. Nothing defines Open-World like this game. It also gave us, the gamer, the abillity to dictate the pace of the game something rarely seen outside an RPG. Do what you want, when you want, what's not to love?

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    This is the greatest Horror Franchise ever! No game can instill fear into you quite like Silent Hill. I'll be the first to admit that due to a production change, the quality of the games have twindled somewhat to the point where the franchise died but it's been relit with a new game and a new move coming out in 2012. (They are not connected). To be honest, all I can say is play this with the lights down, the sound turned up. Also, I believe Silent Hill 2 alone is better than any Resident Evil game. Bold statement I know but it's a pure masterpiece.

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    Bethesda Software

    I've combined two here because I think it's the developers who deserve the credit here. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are THE Game Of The Year Champions. If you haven't played these games... you call yourself a "gamer"?

  5. 5

    I'll admit I've only played 7-13 apart from 11. 13 may have not lived up to it's name, come to mention it 12 didn't either but has stand-alone games, pure awesome. The reason they didn't cut it? ... because Final Fantasy X is the greatest PS2 game ever made. I think we all know that number 7 was the greatest PS1 game too. 8 was a fairly quick and easy game and I think number 9 doesn't get much credit and I'm sure the online market will tell you 11 and 14 are amazing. I'm sure retro gamers will tell 1-6 are pretty awesome too. So for a franchise that has stood the test of time and is still knocking out bestsellers. How could I not includes this franchise.

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    Uncharted is wow after wow after wow. Visually amazing. Controls amazing. Story amazing. The greatest thing to come out of the PS3!!! This franchise took Tomb Raider by the balls (sorry Lara) and said we can do better than this dead crap. We got heaven on a disc.

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