Top 10 Greatest Classic Horror Comics in Comic History Comic Book Series

Top 10 Greatest Classic Horror Comics in Comic History

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As October begins and Halloween approaches, it's important to remember the most influential horror comics the English language has ever had to offer. From the well-known Tales From the Crypt, to the comics that spawned such characters as Blade, these are the classics. They have all been either game-changers or landmark horror comics for some reason or another (manga not included), so if you don't have them, get them, or at least check them out. They're more than worth your time and we have a lot to thank them for. Happy October!

What are the greatest classic horror comics in comic history? Take a look at this list and you'll see for yourself.

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    What if there was a zombie movie that simply didn't end? A good one? With no CG BLood?

    No National Guard save, no magic cure at the end... the zombie apocalypse is actually an Apocalypse, and you have to learn to survive in it forever, go crazy or die.

    That is pretty much the simple (yet genius) idea behind Robert Kirkman's epic comic book series from Image.

    Essentially a family drama, the series follows police officer Rick Grimes and his family as they try to live in a world where the dead rising is simply a fact of life like pimples and bad reality shows. Soon to be a television series, The Walking Dead remains one of the finest examples of horror in the comics medium for the modern age.

    Much like the original Romero Night of the Living Dead, the horror and intrigue of the comic revolves around people's reactions to the zombies, how they cope and the very human situations that occur when people are put in constant danger.

    Easily the greatest Horror comic being written today, it's soon going to be an AMC TV show which promises to be a truly amazing show.

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    Tomb of Dracula

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    House of Mystery

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    Werewolf...By Night!

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