The Top 10 Greatest Dead Girlfriends in Video Games

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Do you have a special sweetie? Aw, that's nice. Just be thankful you aren't a video game protagonist. Why? Because if you're happy with a nice girl, she's going to die. Got away from all of your enemies and living a life of solitude? They'll hunt you down and kill her. Met her once and had a wild night of passion? You'll wake up next to her corpse. In fact it's such a common enough occurrence, I figured I'd make a list out of it! Oh and by the way : SPOILERS AHOY!

Only one ground rule:They have to be categorically dead due to the plot. There's some leeway, but if I was counting all of the characters that can die to gameplay errors (Fire Emblem) or options (Mass Effect, other WRPGS) we'd be here all damn day. And that would be depressing. Not that this list isn't already, but I digress.
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