Top 10 Greatest Muppet Mash-Ups Ever TV Characters
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Top 10 Greatest Muppet Mash-Ups Ever

The Muppet Mash-Up has become one of the better genre surprises on You Tube. At first, they were just poorly retreaded Ernie and Bert impersonations over old Sesame Street footage, but they have evolved into an ongoing challenge to see who can mash the beloved family icons up with the craziest, and preferably the most inappropriate, soundtracks imaginable... as you will soon see. Here are the ten best we could find, judged on originality, synchcronization and passion.

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    Miss Piggy- F**k The Pain Away

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    Miss Piggy's rendition of Peaches "F**k The Pain Away" is both sacrilegious AND a great piece of editing. The masher does an exceptional job of capturing the mood of the song and matching it to a similarly shot Electric Mayhem video. Miss Piggy's syncing may not be perfect, but the selection of her reaction shots are dead on.

    But the best part is the fact that, while this song would NEVER have made it onto the Muppet show, the sentiment sure seems right on the money. If any Muppet character would have requested that someone suck on their t***s, it probably would have been Miss Piggy (although in all fairness, it's not like there are a lot of other female muppets to begin with.)

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