The 22 Hardest Video Game Boss Battles Video Games

The 22 Hardest Video Game Boss Battles

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The hardest video game bosses to beat are the fictional characters that stare you down and stand in the way of victory in your gaming environment. Of course, not all boss battles in video games are created equal. Some boss battles are just better than others. These are the hardest bosses with the best payoff - where the fights are hard, but worth it.

What is the hardest video game boss ever? What are the hardest videogame bosses to beat? From bosses in Final Fantasy to God of War to Diablo, these are the hardest (and most satisfying) boss battles to beat - but they're also the ones that make you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

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    Even at level 99, you can die in an instant; one wrong move gets you killed when you're facing off against these two superbosses. Square Enix really knows how to beat you down, even when you've earned a mega-sword that should turn any boss battle into a breeze.
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    Sephiroth is a legendarily tough boss in Kingdom Hearts for good reason. One hit from him can knock you down to one hit point.

    Unless you build up your HP throughout the entire game and basically don't relent on doing things like "finishing the level in a timely manner," you're going to have a really hard time trying to beat him when it really comes down to it.
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    Battling Tabuu on the hardest difficulty level is controller-smashingly frustrating.

    This boss is like a stalker. He requires lots of dodging, a lot of athletics and at least some self-hatred to keep trying. Some of his attacks are straight up instant-kills. Imagine playing in a tournament of Smash Bros. against that one friend who nobody ever wants to play against... and multiply that by at least five.
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    God of War III  blew its predecessor out of the water in graphics and gameplay, but no boss battle in the series has ever been harder than Zeus.

    Zeus is, well, the God of all Gods - so he pretty much SHOULD be this hard to beat. The biggest problem with Zeus is that every time you turn around, he's completely healed. The gory cutscene at the end is well worth the battle, though. Keep going, valiant god-killers. Keep going.
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    Dark Samus in hyper mode is the ultimate shadow-opponent. She clones herself like a staff infection in gym class. These clones attack at the same time and she heals herself.

    It's irrational, but every time you die, you actually feel like you disappointed Samus herself.
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    It's appropriate that a game as notoriously difficult as Dark Souls would have bosses as hard as Ornstein and Smough.

    Beating them is an exercise in patience and strategy. Taking on both of them at once is a virtual death sentence. You have to divide and conquer, making sure neither of them manage to land a shot. Then it's all about biding your time until you can take one of them out for good. Once you've eliminated one, beating the other is a relative cakewalk, but getting there might just put a few grey hairs on your head.

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    Queen Larsa from this game is one of the hardest bosses anyone in game-dom has ever had to face. Hands down. All those purple sperm-looking things on the screen are actually bullets. So where the hell are you supposed to go?

    By the time you reach Queen Larsa herself, the entire screen is purple and it will all hurt very, very much. You will die at least twice, it's just a matter of how many times. This isn't even that fun; it's just impossible. If you've braved through all of this, then you must have beaten Battletoads for the original GameBoy in one try.
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    You know a boss is going to be hard when the game is named after him and Mike Tyson is as difficult as it got in this boxing game. Your timing had to be precise and every blow had to be perfect if you wanted any hope of beating him. Not to mention the fact that he's huge. Like Incredible Hulk huge.

    The only saving grace is that win or lose, you still get to keep both of your ears.
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    Take your pick of hard bosses from the Mega Man series, but the most memorable has to be the Yellow Devil.

    This boss battle is all about timing. You have time your actions almost perfectly to beat him. Every one of his attacks needs to be dodged and you only have intervals of a few seconds in which he is vulnerable. The battle might sound a little simplistic, but even once you figure it out, there's almost no room for error.
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    Remember when Guitar Hero was fun, and didn't just HURT?

    Well, that was a time before Lou the Devil. You just know anyone with "Devil" in their name is going to be hard. You have to be near perfect to beat this guy on Expert and probably a seasoned guitar player or GHIII fanatic.

    We don't care how many times you've beat DragonForce on other, easier settings, at the most extreme setting, Lou the Devil basically comes into your house, moves your furniture around, eats everything in your fridge, and steals your wallet.
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    Devil May Cry 3 is spot-on when it came to boss battles and the toughest of them all is undoubtedly Virgil. The final brother on brother battle is as grueling as it was fun. Trying to keep Virgil from regenerating health while constantly staying on the attack is no small feat. In fact, it's a major accomplishment, the kind you really should get a medal for.

    Even if you stay on top of Virgil consistently enough to keep his health down, his attacks are so strong that even a single one can spell disaster.
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    Baal from Blizzard's Diablo II is just sadistic. Baal multiplies faster than a Duggar and is twice as annoying. His ridiculous mana drain just makes it all the more annoying and extends this boss battle to the point that any sensible gamer will want to quit and binge on comfort food.
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    When it comes to the Street Fighter series, there are plenty of hard, annoying, and excruciating bosses to pick from. Gill has to be one of the worst though. Like so many other bosses, he's insanely tricky and seemingly designed to infuriate even seasoned players.

    After you've figured out all his little tricks and finally have him down for the count, he pops right back up with full health and a thirst for vengeance. If he isn't the hardest boss, he's certainly one of the most frustrating. 
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    It's the Witch-King, who any Tolkien fan knows can be defeated by no mortal man.

    That's right, a Lord of the Rings game made it onto this list. The difficult part about defeating this boss is the couple of hours it takes to do it. Make sure you take a potty break before you take this guy on, because you need to prepare for this battle with more forethought than anyone put into making the Hobbit movies.
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    World of Warcraft's C'Thun is almost impossibly hard, or at least he was at one point. He was so difficult that Blizzard actually released a patch to make this boss battle less difficult. Even the best guilds around had trouble with this boss.

    C'Thun became considerably less difficult after his stats were nerfed, but his original difficulty remains engrained in World of Warcraft lore.

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    The battle with Bowser at the end of Super Mario 64 is grueling at times. Sometimes you can grab his tale and toss him with ease, other times, he just keeps turning away at the very last second, making victory feel so close yet so, so far away.

    Not to mention that you can't just chuck him overboard, you have to actually make sure you aim right when you throw him. With a little bit of practice, Bowser isn't impossible, but until you learn all the tricks and get your timing down just right, he can be enormously frustrating despite the simplicity of the setup.
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    Even as a super badass ninja, defeating Ultimate Alma is no easy task. She's a ball of energy and fireballs with just one thing on her mind: your death.

    No matter how resilient and skilled you are, it's almost certain to take more than a few tries to defeat this villain. As is so often the case, when you've finally figured it out, it's all about exploiting her weaknesses and acting quick. Even when she's frozen, there's only a nanosecond window in which to strike.
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    In the long history of Metal Gear Solid bosses, you'll never forget your first. Not only is Psycho Mantis a formidable opponent, but he also sets a precedent for boss battles of the future.

    This boss and his mind reading abilities gives just about every gamer who has faced him a real run for their money. Sure, there are a few cheap tricks you could use to defeat, but beating him in a fair, head to head match-up remains one of the most difficult tasks in the Metal Gear franchise.

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    The entire Mass Effect trilogy has plenty of great bosses, but nothing is more frustrating than facing Kai Leng for the last time. His swift ninja skills mean you have to be thinking one step ahead of him at all times, which is pretty hard considering he also had an armada of robot soldiers attacking you periodically.

    All of that is not to mention the fact that there's almost no cover to hide behind during the battle.
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    The Gears of War franchise includes some great and memorable boss battles, but the best of the best is probably General Raam. Between the Reavers, his mini-gun, and his shield, this guy is bad news.

    This battle is largely a waiting game. It's all about patiently sticking it out behind cover and waiting for your chance to strike. Attack with too much eagerness or make one wrong move, and this one's all over.

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