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Top 10 Hardest Video Game Boss Battles

The hardest video game bosses to beat are the fictional characters that stare you down and stand in the way of conquering victory in your gaming environment. The Boss Battle is the video game equivalent of an orgasm - climactic, exhausting and totally worth it... yet often hard to achieve/beat. Of course, not all boss battles are created equal. Some gaming-gasms are just better than others. These are the top 10 hardest bosses with the best payoff.

What is the hardest video game boss ever? What are the hardest videogame bosses to beat? From Final Fantasy to God of War, to Diablo III these are the hardest (and most satisfying) boss battles to beat - at least in our opinion.

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    Queen Larsa from this game is one of the hardest bosses anyone in video-game-dom has ever had to face. Hands down. All those purple sperm-looking things on the screen are actually bullets. So where the hell are you supposed to go?

    By the time you reach Queen Larsa herself, the entire screen is purple and it will all hurt very, VERY much.

    You will die at least twice, it's just a matter of how many times before you finally get to call this boss battle your bitch.

    Be warned, this is not even that fun, it is just impossible. If you've braved through all of this, then you must have beaten Battletoads for the original GameBoy in one try.

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    The Witch-King.

    That's right, a LOTR game made it onto this list. You try and beat this motherfu***er.

    The difficult part about defeating this boss is the couple of hours it takes to do it. Make sure you take a potty break before you take this guy on, because you need to prepare to beat this guy much like you need to prepare to watch any of the movies the game is based on.

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    Baal from Blizzard's Diablo II is just sadistic. Baal multiplies faster than the Octomom and is twice as annoying.

    His ridiculous mana drain just makes it all the more annoying and extends this boss battle to the point of just wanting to quit and eat some food.

    This feels a lot like our last relationship. We will never win.

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    Fontaine just keeps attacking. You need ridiculous dodging skills to take him on. Ones that most people don't possess when they are drunk and trying to finally get through thi Odyssey of a game.

    There are some pretty serious strategies to take him out, but if you're just playing the game and not researching tactics online it's going to take some time to figure out. Either that or some serious luck, because this guy's had you figured out the entire game.

    Just healing yourself randomly and shooting electric shocks at him isn't going to cut it, like it did with other bosses, you really need to let him know who's boss. Turn off your laptop and get ready for some serious hell on this one.

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