The Top 10 Hitler Downfall Parodies of All Time Historical Events
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The Top 10 Hitler Downfall Parodies of All Time

For the last few years, the Hitler Rant meme has served as the soapbox from which many geeks have found a place to have their viewpoints heard and illustrated with the passion they deserve. Taken from the 2004 film Downfall, these videos are now being taken down from YouTube due to actions of the people who own the original content. So, while we still can, here are the 10 funniest Hitler Rant videos that are still up on YouTube. Now, last time we checked, YouTube doesn't track embeds on its player, so here, embedded, are the 10 best Hitler rant videos that are still up.

Honorable mentions to the burning man rant, the Avatar day rant, and the original XBox live ban rant -- they were funny while they were up.

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    Hitler Rants About the Hitler Rant Parodies Being Taken Down

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    Here are some other great "Hitler video reaction to the videos being taken down" (not available on YouTube's API for embedding yet):

    Usually the video clip starts with someone informing him of something horrible, Hitler brushes it off as a solvable problem. Full of fear, his commanders tell him that his solution is not possible. He tells everyone who isn't important to leave and then goes on a huge tirade about something. Of course, this meme has always been in German, so people replace the subtitles in the original German film to make Hitler rant about pretty much anything. Examples include everything from Disney buying Marvel, to random movie reviews, to the lack of new features in a new tech product.

    On April 21st, 2010, the hard work put into the meme started slowly being taken down from YouTube due to legal action by the German production company Constantin Film, who owns the original content -- i.e., the German film The Downfall.

    Here is the hitlerrantparodies YouTube group's reaction to this legal action, in which they don't use the video, but just audio clips of the scene we've all come to know and love -- with subtitles, of course.

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