The Top 10 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2010 People

The Top 10 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2010

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In honor of Miley Cyrus's long-awaited 18th birthday (November 23, 2010), here are the ten hottest girls who legally became women in 2010. All of these girls were born in 1992. Let it sink in. Yes, there it is. Now enjoy all these insanely hot, legal, pictures of these girls, sorry, women (awww yeah), that were magically put together. Happy Miley Legal Week! If you're looking for more hot girl lists I would suggest checking out the Selena Gomez bikini pics list, the Maxim hot 100 list, and the Grace Potter sexy pics list. So many hot girls, so little time.

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    Selena Gomez is one of the now-famous-because-she's-hot-and-on-Disney crew who doesn't do any sexy photospreads (yet), but sure as hell likes to go to the beach. Her hotness was discovered when dozens of pictures of her various beach outings hit the internet. People started paying attention to her because she's actually one of the only reasons to watch The Wizards of Waverly Place (if you watch Disney at all), as she's actually pretty darn (relatively) funny and talented. She turned 18 in 2010, so for that, we salute her and re-live some of her hottest moments so far. I suggest taking a look at all the Selena Gomez bikini pics to get a better glimpse into why she is considered one of the sexiest young women in Hollywood.


    Go here for a picture of Selena Gomez jumping up and down at a show of hers, see-thru shirt, tiny skirt. It's hot cause it rhymes.

    Click here for a picture of Selena Gomez in a lower-cut, strapless top looking amazing.

    Click here for a picture from her infamous Blue Bikini paparazzi photos on the beach showing us all why she's #1 on this list. In this one she's about to hug someone!

    Another pic from the Blue Bikini set from the front.

    I don't know why, but this Twitpic of hers is the hottest picture anyone has tweeted all year.

    Here are some Nipple Poke pics

    In a tank top over a bikini

    Click here for an amazing shot of her from behind in this set
    Here she is fixing her hair in a barely there Blue Bikini.

    Click here for all her sexiest moments.
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    Emily Osment, who apparently wrote a list of her favorite female indie musicians exclusively for (click here for it), is the 18 year old little sister of Haley Joel Osment. Somehow, though, she's managed to become a gorgeous young woman who no longer looks like her older brother with a wig on.

    She's just released her first album which is about more "adult" things than you might be used to from this Disney Channel star that's known primarily for being Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)'s sidekick on the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana.

    Here she is in a blue dress

    Here she is again in that tiny blue dress.

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    Just like pretty much everyone else on this list, Bridgit Mendler is a singer and actress who works either on The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.

    A close second to Selena Gomez, she plays Juliet next to her on The Wizards of Waverly Place (a show that every adult male in the world is a huge fan of by now).

    She's definitely flying under the radar for the moment, but so are a lot of these chicks... why? Because until 2010 all of them weren't legal. Once 2011 rolls around people like Bridgit Mendler will be out and about in the world, renouncing Disney (and their millions and unspeakable millions of dollars) to go make money being pin-ups for totally ripped, athletic dudes on the internet (read: me). Bridgit is still a few weeks out, but she's turning 18 in 2010 and is absolutely naturally gorgeous, so she deserves a spot on this list. Until then, she's a beautiful, talented and wonderful young woman who deserves our utmost respect and "is probably going places".
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    Jennette McCurdy
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY-SA
    Jennette McCurdy is known primarily for being the hot, amazing-bodied sidekick on iCarly (we can say that now), but around the internet she's known primarily for one of 2 .gif files that are inexplicably hot for having aired on Nickelodeon.

    The first one is a cycling one of her almost sneezing which, well, doesn't really look like sneezing if you cut it right:

    The second thing she's known for is a well-known internet fake that's supposed to make it look like she was topless in an episode of iCarly (even though she was actually wearing an orange bra, sorry guys.)

    I'm not sure if it's legal to link to the gif or not, so you'll have to Google "Jennette McCurdy Boobs gif" like every other American.

    She also started her acting career at the age of eight on MADTV, CSI, Malcolm in the Middle, Zoey 101 and most recently starred in the movie about the annoying douchebag YouTube star "Fred".
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    Demi Lovato who, at the tender age of 18, is getting a headstart on the whole Disney-star-hottie-turned-trainwreck thing by shutting down her Twitter account, abandoning her post on a Jonas Brothers tour and checking into rehab with an emotional breakdown.

    She also punched one of the dancers on her tour in the face. Other than that, she's known for her musical performances and being huge among the Disney crowd. You might know her from Barney & Friends, where she starred as a 7 year old "Angela". She's been on shows such as Prison Break and the Disney Channel's "Camp Rock" (which is apparently HUGE among tweens.)

    Here is the hotness she has to contribute:

    Click here for the full-size image of the main picture seen in this item

    Here is a picture of her looking super hot and super pissed.

    Click here for a barely-there bikini pic where she's looking amazing.

    Only one word describes her in this picture: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM.

    click here for indisputable PROOF that her ass can only be accurately described using food terms. Delicious. Plump. Cakes.

    Here is a picture of her side-by-side with Selena Gomez, looking fine as hell.

    Here she is at a Disney premiere, showing off her curves.

    Here she is whispering sweet nothings into a Jonas brother's ears.

    Aaaaaand here she is pulling a Jessica Alba  and yes, it is as hot as it sounds.

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    First, off, if you're hitting this from Egotastic, the "Hebrew School Hotties" list can be found HERE.

    Now for the rest of us:

    Miley Cyrus is hot. She's, like, insanely whore-ishly good looking and I would like to have sex with her. There. I can finally say that.

    And now that she's finally 18 (as of November 23, 2010), we can all say that. Congratulations to everyone on waiting this long. It's been a long, arduous journey filled with nip slips, almost lip slips that almost got Perez Hilton arrested and performances on what called the "Miley Cyrus Jailbait Tour" that would put a lot of old school Madonna to shame.

    Let's live some of the greatest, sexiest Miley Cyrus moments thus far, because from here on out, it's all fair game... and this is only the beginning. This is what Frodo must have felt at the beginning of his exciting journey into Mordor (what, you're a nerd too, shut up).

    Click here for a picture list of her most inappropriate moments from her naked magazine cover to all those pics she MySpaced/Tweeted when she wasn't even legal in the South yet.

    These pictures of Miley making out with her new boyfriend at her almost-18 American Music Awards after-party just three days before her 18th birthday.

    Click here for a slideshow of Miley Cyrus's most risque on-stage outfits 

    Here's an interesting guide to Miley Cyrus's many tattoos: link.

    And here's a regularly updated roster of her hottest moments: link.

    Aaand here are some gifs for the road:

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    If you haven't heard of Kaya Scodelario, she's basically the girl that American audiences have been waiting to turn 18 since she was about 14 (the one that's not Emma Watson), ever since she starred in one of BBC's most popular series (which is actually getting an American version on MTV soon) called Skins (which is basically a 90210 only the kids are actually high school age and do a LOT more drugs, have a LOT more sex and it all actually has consequences. Sort of a Degrassi for Adults.)

    She plays the lead character Effy who could not be more British, more of a Queen Bee and more of an absolute hottie.

    She was basically next in line in the "please tell me she's legal" column after Emma Watson. Want some proof? Here is a picture of Emma Watson and Kaya Scodelario "telling secrets".

    Here is another picture of her in a sexy black dress.

    Here she looks kind of naked, even though she is FULLY clothed.

    Here she is sporting a Kate Moss in the 90s look

    Here she is in all white showing off some cleavage.

    Here she is kicking up her heel because she's probably being kissed as a ghost, because if I was a ghost, I'd pull that creepy "Hollow Man" s**t all the time.

    Aaand some gifs for your troubles:

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    Meaghan Jette Martin is yet another Disney star who's best known for starring in a show that only Tweens watch, but known throughout the world as being generally hot and untouchable (until now.)

    Most notably, she starred as the super-hot girl in the TV show 10 Things I Hate About You playing the role that the girl from Alex Mack did in the movie (the hottest girl in school.)

    Here's to her, to her newly found age and to her getting more acting work because god damn.

    Click here for the full-size picture of the one to the left.
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    Shelby Young
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    You might know Shelby Young as being seen on a bit part in The Social Network, Everybody Hates Chris and most famously (to soccer moms) for playing the role of Kinsey on Days of Our Lives. Also, notably, she was the first person to ever play the now infamous (thanks to 4Chan) role of Stephanie on the hit kids' show LazyTown.

    Here's a picture that shows off her perfect proportions.

    Here she is at an event where she's wearing an insanely small, almost see-thru yellow dress that just does not want to give up.
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    Katie Stevens

    Last, and least, we have Katie Stevens. Katie Stevens is one of those American Idol contestants that pretty much everyone remembers cause she was kinda cute at the time and is currently still a few weeks out.

    She's totally cute and makes me wish I watched American Idol when it was on (or at least had a filter to only watch the cute girls when they're on.)

    Here's a picture of her and other American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia (whom I only know about because of my gay roommate.)
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