Top 10 Hottest Male Superheroes of DC Comic Book Characters
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Top 10 Hottest Male Superheroes of DC

I have always been a DC girl. Just look at my list and have fun. I'll list several reasons why I like each character.

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  1. 1

    Batman (Bruce Wayne)

    In my opinion, you will never, ever, EVER find someone hotter than him in comic book history. I don't like that everyone seems to idolizes Dick Grayson over him. Bruce is way hotter in my opinion and more capable of taking care of Gotham. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Batman is LEGENDARY. He also goes above anyone in my marvel list.

  2. 2

    The Flash (Barry Allen)

    Now THIS guy is incredible. Screw Wally West. Barry dishes out constant puppy eyes. Has anyone noticed that? It's flipp'n adorable. I'm still sticking with the tried and true. No one is going to budge me from him. He literally is one of my favorite heroes of all time. Oh and his life is really screwed up. I wish I could hug him.

  3. 3

    Green Lantern (Harold Jordan)

    I love pilots.I love leather jackets. I love his attitude. I love everything about him. Kyle, Guy, or John could never replace him.

  4. 4

    Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

    I hate DC for taking away his beard...I hate DC for redoing everything. I HATE DC right now. Anyway, he has one of the greatest personalities in the DC universe. His girlfriend is one of my favorite female superheroes and he LOVES chili. Good enough reasons? Hell yeah.

  5. 5

    Booster Gold (Michael Carter)

    He is the best second rate character I've ever loved. He's moronic beyond belief...and I still love him. That's WHY I love him! If you make him all serious and s**t then what do you got? Nothing left of him is what you got. He's a real douche sometimes but stand up and give the guy a hand! It's time he gets noticed!

  6. 6

    Superman (Clark Kent)

    I've always been more of a Batman fan. It's kind of like a war. But with me, Batman always wins. I still can't ignore Clark's blue eyes, spit-curled head, and naive farm boy personality. He's adorable and dorky.

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