Top 10 Massive Attack Tracks ? Anything
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Top 10 Massive Attack Tracks ?

List Criteria: Well - obviously Massive Attack songs

I have ten tracks in mind and I can't order them into an ultimate top ten - I need your help

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    You can't help but absolutely love this track despite Newton Faulkner's efforts to single handedly destroy all credibility with his lifeless rendition. The video is good to boot.

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    Forget any remixes of this track - and that includes the Burial remix (although it is nice), the original of this track is so melancholic it wraps you up in its enchantment. Hope Sandeval adds vocal depth and if you haven't checked out some of her own work then you really should (expecially 'Suzanne')

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    Unfinished Sympathy

    This is often voted as THE number one track from Massive Attack and one of THE greatest tracks of all time. I start the list with this but as much as I love this track and the video - I think there's value in the more diverse tracks. Still - a Massive Attack list would not be the same without this track.

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    Euro Zero Zero

    Actually a B-Side for Teardrop. How this didn't make the full cut of an album I don't know but I guess that's what B-Side gems are for. Love every aspect of this track from Del Naja and Daddy G's musings, the beat, the bass and...strangely enough....Andy's vocals (does he ever dissapoint)?

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    Aggression is a theme here - i know you can see this and you probably think I'm about to bust a rage and gun down 300 people outside Subway but thankfully its just music and bloody brilliant music at that. The guitar crescendo on Dissolved Girl only adds to the anguished vocals. Not quite in the Beth Gibbons arena of how to feel sorry for somebody...but close. Love it.

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