The Top 10 Money Saving Apps for iPhone Software

The Top 10 Money Saving Apps for iPhone

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Your smartphone didn't come cheap so put it to work by installing some money saving apps. We've listed some of the very best for your iPhone. Many are free (or have free versions) but we've included a few that aren't - mainly because they're so good, we couldn't not add them.

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    This excellent financial app allows you to view most financial activity on your account as well as your account balance, bill due dates, and progress towards financial goals.
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    The Dinner Spinner allows you to set certain criteria for searching and then gives you a list of options matching them, making it easier than ever to cook at home and save money. Get more features in the Pro version - only $2.99.
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    This handy app allows you to check gas prices at different stations in your area, which could save you up to $.20 a gallon on each visit.
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    CardBank stores all of a user's store savings cards in one place in a convenient interface that can be scanned at any checkout register.
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    Built to avoid overspending, RepairPal can give you an average price range for any repairs your car may need, then connects you to emergency assistance if needed and a list of mechanics in the area.
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    This free app makes it even easier to use coupons when grocery shopping. Search with the app and then download them onto your customer loyalty cards, instantly saving you money every time you shop.
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    Allows you to keep tabs on spending before you actually spend money. Make a shopping list and input prices, giving you a running total while you shop.
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    The TravelTracker app can save you a bundle on traveling. It syncs with TripIt to collect all of your reservations, awards programs, and more in one place, saving you money and peace of mind. $9.99 but worth every penny if you travel a lot.
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