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The Top 10 Most Brutal Anti-Masturbation Devices Anything
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The Top 10 Most Brutal Anti-Masturbation Devices

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Many horrible, inhumane products were patented in the early late 19th and early 20th century to help prevent masturbation or "self abuse" as it was called: products range from a mini spiked bear-trap for penises to the invention of Graham crackers.
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    The Jugum Penis

    It was once believed that masturbation was not only unhealthy, but that nocturnal emissions are a disease (they even had a name for the disease -- "Spermatorrhoea."

    Men in the Victorian era really were caught in a ruthless circle. You're looking at it on the left, over there.

    The Jugum Penis was intended to cure "spermatorrhoea", a Victorian-era name for nocturnal emissions. The device was fashioned out of a metal ring, which would fit at the base of the penis and was attached with a clip, which already explains why you never see any paintings of dudes from the Victorian Era with a smile.

    Essentially how it worked was you were fine unless you got at ALL aroused (or unless you were a shower).

    The Jugum Penis was barbaric, as it was quite literally a bear trap for erections, which meant, unfortunately, that men in those times had to choose between white stains on their bedsheets in the morning and red ones.

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