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The Top 10 Most Brutal Anti-Masturbation Devices Anything
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The Top 10 Most Brutal Anti-Masturbation Devices

Many horrible, inhumane products were patented in the early late 19th and early 20th century to help prevent masturbation or "self abuse" as it was called: products range from a mini spiked bear-trap for penises to the invention of Graham crackers.
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    The Female Chastity Belt

    Of course, the female chastity belt must be included on this list. It is the ultimate in anti-masturbation (and any other sexual act) devices, as it becomes permanent, disgusting underwear that women subjected to them must wear while urinating and defecating, as well as sleeping, eating, riding and everything else.

    Allegedly, the chastity belt was an almost-sweet show of allegiance to the men who would go off to fight in the Crusades, to prevent women from succumbing to temptation... or so the story goes. In reality, very few were actually recorded to have existed before the 16th century. Even then, the sustainability of such a device, safely, would be close to 0% given the conditions of the time, as well as actually fitting this to a woman would've been insanely difficult given the metal-working technology of the time.

    Here's an example of a chastity belt from the early 20th century being used on a woman for early BDSM purposes. Much like The Cage, this anti-sex/masturbation device has been adopted into a sub-culture that embraces it, ironically, as part of their culture of pleasure/"sin".

  2. 7

    The French Electrical Device

    This French anti-masturbation device called simply "Electric anti-masturbation machine (from 1915 France) , would have the man wear a ring connected to an electrical system.

    Welcome to the f*ture, anti-masturbation devices! The machine would electrocute the penis after any semblance of an increase in girth of the penis. Just kidding... here's what it actually did:

    While the machine was electric, the rising of the member instead set off an electric mechanism that triggered an alarm bell and let the man, and everyone else within a one-mile-radius know what was going on... the better tip as to if the man needed this machine or not? The fact that he was carrying around a giant machine that was designed specifically for that purpose.

  3. 8

    The Cold Water Shower

    In 1893, a man named Frank Orth perfected this device: waterproof pants. Kinda sounds like an invention a cartoon character's dad would come up with, doesn't it? Well, someone actually did it.

    This same, brilliant, man also invented an anti-masturbation/nocturnal emission device which worked via the George Costanza "shrinkage" theory.

    In addition to wearing these pants, a man’s shaft would be slipped into the frontal shaft, nestled between two levers. As he slept, should the organ expand, it would set off the layers and release cold water to fill up the chamber. In his words "The cold water... cools the organ of generation, so that the erection subsides and no discharge occurs."

    With the exception of coming up with a neat nickname (the organ of generation), Farnk Orth's device probably didn’t work well because it’s a natural fact that when men are asleep in the REM dreaming stage, the natural bodily function is to be erect (which is also why the previous items, Graham Crackers included, are so grisly). [Insert "wet dream" joke here.]

  4. 9

    The Cage

    Despite all Victorian-Era men's rage, their penises was reduced to being trapped in this thing.

    This penis cage was not an anti-erection device, like most of these in general (that would keep men from being able to get an erection and therefore not be able to masturbate), but it would actually allow for erections -- which is almost worse because even when fully erect, the cage served its purpose: to let men have erections, but not let ANYTHING happen as soon as they did.

    Here's an old diagram of how useful this anti-evil device was.

    Now actually still used in modern day for BDSM, here's an extremely NSFW, graphic image of it being used in modern day (as in, today) thanks to Wikipedia!

  5. 10

    Corn Flakes

    Sylvester Graham’s preaching was taken note of by another famous food pioneer – John Henry Kellogg. Dr. Kellogg was a medical doctor who ran a sanitarium and offered ways to better health through nutrition and exercise. His dietary advisement was mostly based in bland foods and no meats whatsoever, hence why Frosted Flakes exist and why your grandma always put jelly in your corn flakes to get you to eat them.

    Kellogg believed that spicy and sweet foods would increase the libido. When the cornflakes were invented by accident, Kellogg immediately latched on to its possibility as a sex-reducing staple food because of its wheat and corn composition and its lack of spiciness or exoticness and general lack of flavor.

    Meanwhile, the patients took a liking to the corn flakes because corn is naturally delicious. Kellogg tinkered with the formula and formed a company to mass produce what he thought would be a healthy, whole-wheat, sexually repressive breakfast .

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