Top 10 Most Brutal Curses In Film History Films
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Top 10 Most Brutal Curses In Film History

Well, the latest Harry Potter movie is out and about and bringing magic back to theaters as well as maybe our hearts. It got me thinking. I know, probably not a good thing. But it got me thinking about curses. So here are 10 curses that appeared in movies that I think are pretty bad for those involved.

I did have some ground rules. First, it had to be a CURSE, so it had to be based on magic. Second, it had to be within the movie itself, and not a "cursed" production like the Omen or Rosemary's Baby or Poltergeist, because that's just silly. The curse had to be directly placed on either a person or an object, so no just random haunting that can be explained by basically saying, "Well, you walk into a ghost house, you get ghosts . . . duh!".

It also couldn't be prophecy or some idea of a curse, or some thing some might consider cool but is kind of a burden (like say the Hulk), it had to be an ACTIVE curse.

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