The Top 10 Most Brutal Curses In Film History

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Curses! Great movies about magic feature them, and wow, how it must suck to be the victim of a curse. Here are 10 terrible curses that happen in movies that are very, very bad for the people involved. 

There are some basic ground rules for what appears on this list of worst curses in film. First, to be considered a CURSE, it has to be based on magic. Second, the actual curse has to happen in a movie scene (we're not talking about entire supernatural movies like the Omen or Rosemary's Baby or Poltergeist, because that's a totally different topic.) The curse has to be directly placed on either a person or an object, so you won't see any random hauntings on this list that can be explained by basically saying, "Well, you walk into a ghost house, you get ghosts . . . duh!" This list does not include prophecies or other circumstances some people might consider cool but is kind of a burden for the person who has to deal with it (like say, being the Hulk - that's not what we're talking about right now). It has to be an ACTIVE curse.

What are the worst types of curses? Is it a gypsy curse or a witch curse? A famous gypsy curse causing weight gain, maybe? You tell us. Vote on this list of 10 curses to determine the worst curse in all of movie history.
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