10 Chilling Interviews with Famous Serial Killers People
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10 Chilling Interviews with Famous Serial Killers

Serial killer interviews capture the fascinating facades various psychopaths and murderers try to present to the public when attempting to rationalize their actions. This list of interviews with serial killers contains mention some of the most sick and twisted acts imaginable, as described by those who committed the heinous crimes. Discretion is advised.

Seeing these serial killers attempt to justify, or in some cases, lie their way through their crimes, spotlights them in a shameful humility, caught up in their own stories and explanations of rationale. Some are convincing, entertaining, or just plain vile, but all of them allow a peek into the twisted minds of some of the most notorious cold blooded killers.

It's interesting to get a look inside the heads of the most notorious serial killers ever as an attempt to understand what made them take the lives of others, but just as their crimes are incomprehensible, their explanations are often just as baffling.

As chilling as these stories of murder, rape, dismemberment and much worse are, there is comfort that these convicted killers, if still alive, are locked away to never hurt anyone ever again.

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    Edmund Kemper, known as the "Co-Ed Killer," murdered five hitchhiking college girls between May of 1972 and February of the following year. After the killings, he would often put the corpses to perverse use, engaging in oral sex with the women's severed heads or posing them for "pornographic" film shoots.

    Kemper's first two victims had been his grandparents, whom he had shot to death at age 15 (purportedly just to find out what it would feel like.) His killing spree ended on Good Friday of 1973, when he beat his mother to death with a hammer, mutilated her corpse and then killed his mother's best friend for good measure. He had planned to escape in his car, but then turned himself in to police after hearing a report about his crimes on the radio.

    Kemper's calm, matter-of-fact demeanor and well-spokenness likely relates to his high IQ, and his sociopathy. Fast forward to the 3:30 mark for Kemper's chilling details regarding his state of mind after dismembering bodies, and his thought process when speaking to a detached head.

    Kemper ends the interview with these final words: "I am an American and I killed Americans. I am a human being and I killed human beings. And I did it in my society."

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    Better known as the "Night Stalker," Richard Ramirez assaulted both men and women over the course of one year from 1984-1985. His victim count is at least 14 people, if not more. This interview of him in prison, conducted by Mike Watkiss, focuses largely on Ramirez's obsession with the concept and practice of evil. (The interview itself begins at the 3:05 mark.)

    The conversation ranges from a philosophical discussion of evil, to Ramirez's take on the women who became obsessed with him after his imprisonment (including one of the jurors that put him away) and even into Ramirez's own personal politics. (He felt "serial killers do what governments do on a large one. They are a product of the times, and this is a bloodthirsty one.") Ramirez also denies feeling any "normal" human emotions.

    Throughout the interview, Ramirez is persistent in getting his script and answers out to the reporter, regardless if they answer the question or not, and clearly had an agenda going in to the discussion (though it's rather obscure).

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    Gary Ridgway became known as the "Green River Killer" after the Washington river where his first few strangulation victims were found. His typical MO involved picking up women on the road, earning their trust, having sex with them (either consensual or forcibly), strangling them with his bare arms or ligatures, and then dumping them around the forested areas of Kings County, Washington.

    His massacre went on from the 1980s to early 1990s, and is thought to have claimed the lives of 70 to 90 women (mainly prostitutes and runaways.) Ridgway confessed to the crimes, but concedes that he killed so frequently, he lost count of the total.

    In this interview, the Green River Killer details his ploy of using a photo of his son to win his victim's sympathy and trust. He also discusses an incident when he picked up a victim with his son in the car.

    "I killed her," he said. "And I'm real sure my son didn't see it."

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    Dennis Lynn Rader of Wichita, Kansas, called himself as the "BTK Killer" in reference to his preferred crimes - "Bind, Torture, Kill."

    Between the years 1974 and 1991, Rader killed 10 people (men and women), all in the state of Kansas. (He had allegedly learned how to get around home security systems while working as an installer for ADT Security Services.) He also liked to send taunting messages to the local police boasting about his crimes and demanding media attention. Though his last murder is believed to have taken place in 1994, Rader was not captured until 2005, after he had resumed sending out letters as BTK.

    In the end, he was undone by technology - he did not realize a floppy disk he sent to police could be analyzed to determine things like his first name and location. The metadata on the disk led police right to him.

    Though there are few new revelations in this interview Rader did with NBC News, it does give the viewer some kind of insight into his motives and madness. For example, Rader states in reference to the origins of his slaughters, "I actually think I may be possessed with demons. I was dropped on my head as a kid."

    He also describes his meticulous preparations for the murder, which often involved stalking his victims and then waiting for them in their own homes. (On occasion, potential victims would alter their plans, thus evading BTK without even knowing how close they had come.) He conceded, upon his capture, that he had planned to begin killing again, and had already started to stalk his next victim.

    Thankfully, Rader is safely locked away in prison having been sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences. At the earliest, he will be eligible for parole in 2180.

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