The Top 10 Most Delicious Food Network Recipes of 2009

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If you're anything like me, you eat food on a regular basis. This is a roundup of some of the best recipes of the year. Whether you eat to live or live to eat, you'll find this list of the 10 most delicious Food Network recipes of 2009 very satisfying. If you want more recipes I suggest checking out these ground lamp recipes and if you want to test your cooking skills learn how to make dumplings from scratch. Bon appetite!

So what are the most delicious Food Network recipes that came from 2009? There are lots of scrumptious items to choose from, and these are only the ten best to represent that year. See if you can also utilize any of these Iron Chef Secret Ingredients if ya can.
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  1. Cioppino

  2. Surf Turf Ultimate Sandwich

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    If your arteries are man enough to take it, this unbelievable sandwich contains french fries, lobster, filet mignon and...wait for it...bacon. Paula Deen, I salute you.
  3. Best Burger Ever

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    Alton Brown makes burgers better.
  4. Ultimate Mashed Potatoes

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    He's also out to rid the world of dry and tasteless mashed potatoes. If you're ready for a more creamy, flavorful restaurant-style side dish, than this recipe is for you.
  5. Neelys Signature Ribs

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    I watched this segment of Down Home With The Neely's and, even though I don't eat pork, Pat and Gina have made me crave ribs for days. Good thing they show us how to BBQ both pig and cow. Who's inviting me over for dinner?
  6. Blueberry Crumb Cake

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