The Top 10 Most Desirable Diamond Shapes Anything

The Top 10 Most Desirable Diamond Shapes

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Looking to get engaged? or just curious to find out what diamond shapes are currently in? This list has a breakdown of what consumers are buying in todays diamond market.
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    Round Diamonds (Hearts & Arrows)

    Throughout time the round cut diamond has been the most popular diamond shape and nothing surprising because it's still the most desirable diamond cut for 2011. A round diamond represents approximately 75% of all diamonds sold world wide. A round shaped diamond with a hearts and arrows cut is much more brilliant then any other round shape diamond and due to its cut and shape a round diamond is generally superior to fancy shapes at the proper reflection of light, maximizing potential brightness.
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    Princess Diamonds

    First Created in 1960, the Princess cut diamond is by far the most popular fancy shape diamond and still continues to grow in popularity and tops the charts and still retains the number two spot.
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    Radiant Diamonds

    The Radiant Diamond is a modified square shape which makes a nice bridge between a cushion and princess cut diamonds. A radiant cut diamond has complete brilliant-cut facet pattern, making it a very desirable.
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    Cushion Diamonds

    The cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners. The first cushion cut diamond was created almost 200 years ago, the cut has gone through some very much needed refinements and this has led to a recent resurgence in popularity.
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    Asscher Diamond

    The Asscher cut diamond was original produced in 1902 by two brothers in Holland, the name of the stone still retains the brothers last name "Asscher". This diamond shape is a forerunner to the emerald cut diamond, they are both similar to one another but the asscher is a square shape with large step facets, a higher crown and much smaller table. The diamond has been gaining more popularity and pushed ahead of the Emerald cut diamonds.
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    Emerald Diamonds

    This fancy shape diamond is by far one of the most unique cut diamonds and its due to the step cuts of its pavilion, it has an open table as well. They don't have the sparkle of a brilliant-cut diamond they actually produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, and with the interplay of light and dark planes it gets off an amazingly beautiful look. Due to the fact that inclusions and color is much easier to spot with the naked eye emerald cut diamonds have lost popularity and have dropped off in sales.
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    Oval Diamond

    The Oval diamond is actually a modified brilliant-cut (round diamond) and similar to the round diamond they both poses a similar characteristic (fire and brilliance). The advantage of an elongated shape it actually creates an illusion of greater size but still very few people have been swapping round diamonds for oval cut diamonds.
  8. 8

    Pear Diamond

    Created by a combining a round and marquise shape diamond, with a tapered point on one end. The modified brilliant-cut pear shape diamond is very beautiful but you truly see its amazing cut only in large size diamonds (5 carats and above) making it a very uncommon diamond shape, a pear shaped diamond should possess excellent or very good symmetry.
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