15 Most Elaborate Final Meals in Death Row History People
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15 Most Elaborate Final Meals in Death Row History

The most bizarre last meal requests in the history of the penal system reveal that if you're crazy enough to get yourself landed on death row, you're crazy enough to order a litany of fried and otherwise crazy foods when facing the death penalty.

Texas recently got rid of the "last meal" for any people getting executed due to Lawrence Russel Brewer's choice of "meal" (see the first item below), it's a better time than any to look back at some of the most absurdly elaborate meals that dead men walking have ever requested.

What are the best last meal requests of inmates on death row? From tubs of ice cream to slabs of ribs, here they are.

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    Executed: Sept. 21st 2011 for the murder of James Byrd. He and two of his white supremacist friends beat him severely, urinated on him, and chained him by his ankles to their pickup truck before dragging him for three miles while he was fully conscious. A curb finally killed him and severed his arm.

    Brewer was later arrested. This is the jerk that ruined the whole "last meal" thing for other inmates in Texas. When he got all this, he refused to eat a bite of any of it. This guy was just out to make people angry and hey, mission accomplished. Here's what he ordered...

    Last Meal:
    Two Chicken Fried Steaks, Triple Bacon Cheeseburger, Cheese Omelet, Large Bowl of Fried Okra, three fajitas, one pound of barbecue w/half loaf of white bread. a Meat Lovers pizza; three root beers; one pint of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream; and a slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts.

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