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Top 10 Most Incriminating Sexts of 2010

You'd think famous people or people of power would be much more careful about the whole "sending pictures of exposed body parts via text message" thing, but no...they're much, much worse. Here are the 10 most incriminating sexts (or sexual text message, for those of us who don't speak in pop culture abbreviations) that 2010 had to offer, from the perversely creepy to hmmm-I-probably-woulda-done-the-same messages that were meant to be private.

Are these the best sexts? Can you really call any sext "best"? In any case, these sexts tripped up some Hollywood stars, minor celebrities, hot TV personalities, and pro athletes in 2010.

Top 10 Most Incriminating Sexts of 2010 Anything
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