Top 10 Most Incriminating Sexts of 2010 Anything
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Top 10 Most Incriminating Sexts of 2010

You'd think famous people or people of power would be much more careful about the whole "sending pictures of exposed body parts via text message" thing, but no...they're much, much worse. Here are the 10 most incriminating sexts (or sexual text message, for those of us who don't speak in pop culture abbreviations) that 2010 had to offer, from the perversely creepy to hmmm-I-probably-woulda-done-the-same messages that were meant to be private. 

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    Brett Favre Never Quits...Sexting Jenn Sterger

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    You'd think that Brett Favre would've had enough of sexual trysts from his heyday as NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, but just like his inability to quit playing the field (he retired in early 2008, returned in late 2008, retired mid 2009 and returned again in late 2009), he seems to have a complete inability to quit playing the field.

    Now 41, married to wife Deanna, father of two daughters and grandfather to a grandson, Favre is slammed with reports of sexting on-air sports personality Jenn Sterger. Favre reportedly sent Sterger multiple photos of his front lineman, including one where he's playing the ball solo while wearing a pair of Crocs because everyone knows that there's nothing a woman loves more than a naked, lonely athlete wearing nothing but sponges on feet.

    Favre, of course, has denied sending those photos but has admitted to leaving Sterger voicemails, which we have record of here thanks to Deadspin.

    Nothing was more damning to his marriage, family or already-annoyingly-present image. This year sealed Brett Favre's legacy and it involves sending a picture of his pigskin to a gorgeous, unsuspecting (unconsenting) news reporter.

    It's even suggested that Brett Favre is thinking about coming back for the 2011 season. I mean check out the main reasons Brett Favre wants to come back for the 2011 season. But, all-in-all it might be the fact that Jenn Sterger will stop texting him back if he is retired...

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