The Top 10 Most Pathetic Fan Bases Sports Teams

The Top 10 Most Pathetic Fan Bases

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Ever turn on a sporting event and notice that you're the only one watching? Empty stadiums are a result of poor fan bases. This list takes a moment to address the top 10 worst fan bases in sports today.

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    Worst attendance in the 4 major sports this year. 11,059
  2. 2
    Yes, Phoenix has a pro hockey team. I didn't know either. 12,188
  3. 3
    This is why the Thrashers are now in Winnipeg. 13,469
  4. 4
    Best fans in the world, but not nearly enough of them. 13,538
  5. 5
    This isn't that bad, considering it's Columbus. Everybody was at the Ohio State game. 13,658
  6. 6
    This team's on their way to Anaheim if the fans don't get their act together. 13,890
  7. 7
    The Nets are located in the largest city in the U.S., right? And they have Derron Williams, right? Come on! 14,179
  8. 8
    Playoffs? You kiddin' me? (Jim Mora plug) This team needs a fan base, not just in the playoffs but during the regular season as well. 14,650
  9. 9
    Maybe it's too early to say hurricane devistation is over, but the Saints seem to be doing fine on attendance. Support your team, New Orleans! They were in the playoffs, you know. 14,709
  10. 10
    Isn't there a movie about this franchise? Mighty Ducks or something? And isn't this team in L.A., pretty much? Come on, stop supporting the worthless Galaxy and go watch some hockey! 14,738
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