death The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Deaths of 2010  

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We all make horrible decisions and everyone's been at the wrong place at the wrong time, but at least for the year of 2010, these people all take the cake for both. Here are the weirdest, often dumbest, ironic, coincidental or just plain weird/unique deaths of 2010. From a man inadvertently killing his whole family while trying to kill a few rats, to a girl exploding her car with her hair products, to a man who was given the bill for his death before it even happened.
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Rolling Hay Causes May Day

If anyone has tickets to the Electric Light Orchestra, you may want to get your money back. See, while driving in the English countryside, founding member Mike Edwards was crushed to death by 1,300 pounds of hay.

Most likely rolling off of a tractor, this hay hit his car, which was coincidentally driving down the highway below the falling hay and made him swerve onto a truck, causing his death.

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Hair Dresser Ignores Warning Labels on Her Products

Jenny Mitchell, a 19-year-old hairdresser, was driving to her parent's house on March 9, 2010, when her Mini Cooper was engulfed in flames and she was killed.

She was driving with her kit of hair products in her passenger seat when she decided to light a cigarette. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide, used to bleach hair, had leaked in the passenger seat and made the sparks from the cigarette into a large explosion that set her mini cooper completely on fire.

She was on her way to style her mother's hair.

Her father, a retained firefighter of 24 years, thought that what caused the explosion was the fact that she opened the window after lighting her cigarette. A combination of oxygen, spark and chemical caused his daughter's death.

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Dear Sir, You're Dead. Love, The Future

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As probably the craziest, coincidental death of 2010, an elderly man named Than Singh received a receipt for his own cremation.

We've all gotten a faulty charge on a credit card at some point in the mail, and then had to spend all day proving that you didn't actually buy a $5,000 surfboard since you live in Colorado. This man, on the other hand, opened a letter one day to find out he was being charged for his own cremation services from a week earlier. Making sure he wasn't a pile of ashes before he called, he decided to dispute the claim.

Before he could do anything about it, though, the shock of the whole ordeal, as well as the likely high cost of the cremation, caused the man to have a heart-attack. He was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after.

And in an insanely coincidental, and slightly indicative of foul play twist, the man was not only brought to the same crematoriam he was charged for earlier that week, but given the same serial number, 89, that he had been given in his notification letter.

This is creepy beyond belief because he either received a letter from the f*ture, like that horrible Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock romance flop, someone played a horrible, horrible prank on him that went terribly wrong, or this crematorium has the worst coupon system in world history.

Either way, this tops the list as the craziest, most shocking death of 2010 that was reported widely in the news.


Attached here is a really, hilariously serious/interesting man reading the news off of the web... in case you're feeling lazy.
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Couple Killed by Truck While Having Sex

Showing once again that Brazilians love their sex and that driving in most other countries is an absolute nightmare, a couple decided to pull over for a quickie in the middle of insanely heavy 6AM fog in the craziest, most busy and central highway in Brazil.

Probably the worst idea that anyone can have when erratic drivers are at full-speed with little to no visibility. Not even pulling over in an inconspicuous spot, their showboating backfired on them as a stray cargo truck ran into their car, killing the young couple instantly.

Hey, at least there's absolutely no better way to go.

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When You Run, Do It With Your Eyes Open

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Don't let anyone fool you, exercise will kill you. Well, at least exercise while listening to some loud music and not being aware of your surroundings altogether will kill the hell out of you.

If he had just been enjoying the sounds of the ocean, he might have heard the engine of a plane creeping up behind him, trying to make an emergency landing, but alas, whatever overwhelmingly loud band he was listening to at that moment was the last thing he ever heard.

One kind of weird observation is that if the plane was really going down for a crash/emergency landing, you'd think the pilot would've been able to land it anywhere else on that beach except for that one spot where there was, you know, a whole dude jogging?

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Obviously, Golf Helmets Need to Become a "Thing"

You remember that episode of Tom and Jerry where they play golf and someone gets hit in the head by a wayward tee shot? You laughed at the absurdity of it all then, but it's not so funny now, because Maurice Hayden is dead from that exact situation, minus the feuding cat and mouse.

The story doesn't really go much deeper than that, other than the fact that the person shooting was not charged with anything, is apparently great at the game and that part of the standard for anyone cleaning up after rich white people hitting a small, dimpled ball around for half a day should be wearing a helmet at all times.

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Segway To Heaven

Jimi Heselden was the owner of the Segway company and an avid practitioner of the two-wheel motorized scooters the company produces. A multi-millionaire, he owned an estate in the countryside of England, and there would ride the rugged country version of the Segway. That particular contraption (as seen to your left) contained such luxuries as a mudguard and extra wide tires with deep treads for going off the road, cause there's nothing like offroading in a scooter.

But one day, while going "off-roading" on the rugged Segway, he literally went off the road and drove off a 80 foot cliff down to his death.

Click here for the full story.

Special thanks to Ariel Kana
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Dr. Santa Gets Stuck in a Chimney

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You may think that no one's stupid enough to try to break into a house by way of the chimney anymore, but Dr. (seriously) Jaquelene Kotarac thought she might give it a try, regardless of logic or common sense.

Did she manage to get into her boyfriend's house? Well, technically, yes, so mission accomplished. Her ex spent the night somewhere else, so nobody could hear her calling for help or saying anything.

The woman was a little, um, well-endowed, so she got lodged about 2 feet from the opening of the fireplace. The pressure on her chest was so much that her lungs couldn't expand, so she suffocated rather quickly.

She was finally found by a house sitter while investigating a weird smell, when they spotted fluids (gross) leaking from the unused chimney.