The Top 10 Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps Software

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps

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Apple's iPhone is most certainly an awesome, wet-dream-inducer of a super gadget. And for a fanboy such as myself, it is difficult to see it as anything other than a gift from the gods. Although Apple is one of the best smartphone and best laptop brands of all time, I can't help but notice that the App store is incredibly over-saturated. Sure, there are a gazillion useful, well designed, and functional applications to be had for free or cheap, but there is also a huge pool of terribly useless and ridiculous wastes of space. If I could, I would list them all here, but instead I have chosen my top ten.

These ten apps are so incredibly past the this-is-stupid line that it's almost embarrassing. Most of these, even more mindbogglingly, are the most popular apps in the whole catalog. I'll admit that some of this is open to interpretation. But really, if you see this list and then have an intense desire to go download one of these apps, something is seriously wrong. Seriously wrong.
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    Steer your way through a water slide by holding your smartphone sideways, but watch out for crabs and rubber duckies, which frequent water slides, apparently.
  2. 2
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    Answer the most daring trivia questions: What did Bella and Edward eat on their first date? What does the Cullen crest look like?

    Tip: Not for those who aren't Twihards. 
  3. 3
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    Use airport sounds for your ringtones and alarms, including air traffic control, airport paging, and airport tower sounds. Because those are the noises that you want to wake you up to every morning. 
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    Who needs a real girlfriend when you can have a pocket girlfriend. Customize her with hundreds of different options so that she'll respond and converse with you, fulfilling your every need. 

  5. 5
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    Figure out what your baby needs with this "award winning" cry translator. Now you won't need to be nearly as attentive to your baby. Just whip out this app, translate your baby's cry, and fix the problem, just like that!
  6. 6
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    Camera Flash provides a flash for your camera.

    Mind. Blown.
  7. 7
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    Good thing you've got this app on your smartphone; where else could you get a reliable alarm clock? 
  8. 8
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    I Am Richer, which costs $200 for a glowing colored diamond that's supposed to be "mesmerizing." This is actually a thing. 
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