Top 15 NFL Defenses of All-Time Anything
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Top 15 NFL Defenses of All-Time

List Criteria: Team had to lead league in one category, and have winning record.

Since 1970 merger. Strike years not included (no 1982, 1987), Plus only selecting 1 team, and 1 year. Most teams won SB, a few made playoffs, and 1 (77 ATL) missed playoffs.
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    #1 simply because they had NO OFFENSE in 2000.They went 5 games without an offensive TD. They killed my Gmen in SB and faced top teams in playoffs. Greatest Defense EVER!! Sorry Bears fans

  2. 2

    1985 Chciago Bears

    Team went 15-1 and trounced NE in SB. Often said to be greatest ever. My argument is this, they played in a very very weak division that year. Det, Min, GB and TB didn't have winning records. Plus those teams were at the bottom of offense in NFL. Played 2 teams with winning records (LA Rams and Mia-which beat them). Sorry Bears fans. Team was great, but not greatest.

  3. 3

    1976 Pittsburgh Steelers

    This team statistically was better than the 1978 squad. I think the whole defense should be in HOF. Name a weakness? Green, Lambert, Ham, Blount, Shell. Wow!!!

  4. 4

    1972 Miami Dolphins

    Team not only went undefeated, but their no-name defense stymied people. They gave up fewest total yards and points. Oh and did I mention they went 16-0!!!

  5. 5

    1986 New York Giants

    It's not so much their dominating regular season defense. They ranked 2nd behind Chicago. But they had the MVP in Lawrence Taylor, then beat SF 45-3 and Wash 17-0 in playoffs. Fielded one of the best LB corps of all time.

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