Top 10 Oldest People in the World Historical Events
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Top 10 Oldest People in the World

As of August 7th, 2009, these ten amazing individuals are still giving the Grim Reaper the finger and laughing with mirth.

Either that, or Grimmy's somewhere in the tropics, having a beer and predicting death dates on the beach. "I'll be seeing you in 10 years..20 years...oh wow, 80 years...aaaaand I've got an appointment with you tomor - oh, crap, can't you let me finish my beer? *sigh*."

Let's have a round (or 100) for the age-defying relics of past, present and f*ture decades.

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    Gertrude Baines

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    Born April 6th, 1894.

    Born in Shellman, Georgia, Baines is the third daughter of Jordan (1863–23 October 1921) and Amelia "Amy" (Daniel) Baines, who were married in Terrell County, Georgia, on 1 January 1887.

    Baines later married Sam Conly and had a daughter, Annabelle, born in 1909, who died of typhoid fever at age 18.

    In 1920, Gertrude Conley was recorded in the 1920 census as living in Hartford, Connecticut. She later moved to Ohio, where she worked as a maid at Ohio State University, before moving much later to California.

    Baines currently lives at the Western Convalescent Home in Jefferson Park, Los Angeles. She lived on her own until she was 105. According to, she enjoys "simple pleasures" of eating a diet of bacon and eggs, and watches shows like The Price Is Right and Jerry Springer.

    Baines is a daughter of a man born into slavery and granddaughter of Peter and Avey (or Avie) Ann Bains, former slaves.

    Baines cast a vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. The only time she voted before was for John F. Kennedy.

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