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Vegetarian The Top 10 Reasons PETA is NOT VEGAN  

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Bad reasons for eating vegan often lead to "cheating" and very non vegan behavior. My vegan behavior is very staunch. I eat vegan. Period. An organization such as PETA is known for their love of animals...but where do they stop? We all have heard the yelling masses parading naked with fliers telling everyone why they should be kinder to non-humans. Usually for vegans this is a good thing, I mean sexy naked people agreeing with us -- how is this bad? Well, PETA can be very bad, and through the years have proved just how decidedly NOT VEGAN they are. PETA is a great organization with its heart in the right place, but they are NOT vegan friendly. Vegetarian is as far as they go.
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Meat Awards

In 2004 PETA awarded Animal Scientist Dr. Temple Grandin, a Visionary award for their annual "proggy awards". They cite that "Dr. Grandin's improvements to animal-handling systems found in slaughterhouses have decreased the amount of fear and pain that animals experience in their final hours, and she is widely considered the world's leading expert on the welfare of cattle and pigs." Now, the truth is Grandin, engineers the killing technology on factory farms, she was the chief designer of Burger King’s devices of murder.
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Burger King Ads

Speaking of Burger King, PETA has allowed Burger King ads on their website. It's commonly thought that this is in response to Grandin’s award.
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Human Death

In no less than two instances PETA has used violent public death to capitalize their agenda. First was comparing the Women murdered by Robert Pickton to Pigs a few years back. And recently they attempted to put up ads where the murdered abortion doctor George Tiller practiced.


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I assume most people are aware, but PETA’s rescues animals often but feels that they cannot be rehabilitated so instead puts them down. Publicly available archived evidence shows the number of deaths since 1998 at over 21,000. In 2008 of the 95 animals that were put into the company’s care, only seven were adopted.

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Stock in Tyson's

However according to PETA they have now sold the stock they had with Tyson's, they for a few years bought up stock in the world’s largest manufacture (IE Death) of chickens. They were hoping to convince the stock holders to be more kind in the way they killed the animals. It’d be a good idea if they had anywhere near enough stock to be part of the board.
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New Welfarists

Most Animal Rights supporters believe in Abolishing the use of animals for human gain. PETA many times have supported this is and have stated what they are after. However As the above list has already demonstrated PETA compromises this goal and are essentially welfarists (those who believe that animal servitude is acceptable as long as they are murdered/used in a way that is ‘not so bad’). They claim that one has to make sacrifices in order to reach the goal.


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PETA is run like a company. They seek ads showcasing animals and the violence that is done to them. They engineer campaigns that are "sure wins" that do absolutely nothing for animals (like changing the name of a song or product) in order to garner more morale and establish more donations. They even turn profit from the DVDs that showcase the death of animals, which also is designed to bring more people to the animal rights tent.
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Happy Meat

One of the largest plagues among Animal Rights, is the idea of the so called Happy meat and animal byproducts. "Free Range" criteria tends to be very vague, allows for the same mistreatment as traditional factory farming. Cageless Hens essentially means stuffing as many hens as they would have battery cages into a pen, and debeaking them just the same. It means allowing dairy cows who are smashed into pens where they cannot move, to be given the ability to see the sunlight for a few hours a day. It is not the "Old McDonald’s farm" that the term Free range implies. So why is it that PETA cites happy Meat, as a viable alternative to Factory farming? The Real alternative should be vegan faux meats, if you need to have your meat.