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foods The Top 10 Reasons to GO VEGAN!  

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Going Vegan and living a life of healthy Veganism is a valid and intelligent lifestyle choice. Vegan people often meet others who say they think it's great, but it's not for them. The usual reasons have to do with the cheese and the love of eating animal flesh. However I believe that being vegan is for anyone with a heart, or an idea of empathy that extends beyond humans.

At the same time there are many vegans I know who feel that being vegan does nothing at all, and its not as important as activism. Though I am heavily involved with activism myself, I do not agree that being vegan in and of itself does nothing.

So for all the vegans out there to nod in agreement and some things to think about for non-vegans I have made a list of reasons of why its so important, both for health and for the lives of non-humans
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Live Longer

There was a study in 2002 by the German Cancer Research Center which involved 1900 people, divided into 60 vegans, 1,165 vegetarians; and moderate vegetarians (occasional meat and fish eaters). Studying the mortality rate in comparison to the general population 52 deaths occurred for every 100 reported deaths. The results showed a 50% increase in longevity to male vegetarians and 30% for women.

Not to mention the man who invented the word vegan died at 95, and was a smoker.
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World Hunger

60% of the world's usable farmland is being stripped and destroyed by live stock. An acre of prime land can produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes, 30,000 pounds of carrots, 50,000 pounds of tomatoes; but only 250 pounds of beef. It takes 23 gallons of water to produce a pound of lettuce, 33 gallons for carrots, 4 gallons for apples. To produce of pound of Chicken it takes 815 gallons, for pork 1,630 gallons, and for a pound beef 2,500 gallons.

in the UK live stock is fed, enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation

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There has been a few studies that have came out lately saying an animal based diet can halt and in some cases eliminate Cancer. Though some people are saying going vegan is the cure for cancer, I would not be one to say that, as its ridiculous. However it is proven to assist in controlling the growth of cancer.
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Animal Testing

Animal testing is a useless practice. The idea that a creature who might have a similar heart or lungs, or skin is the best way to do trials for new products. the thing is how medicine affects our systems is not just one organ or one biological system, it effects a variety of biological systems and body chemistry.

An extreme example of how inferior animal tests are, is the most famous toxicity animal test called the LD50 test. The idea is that if less than 50 out of 100 animals die after using the drug, then it is fine for a human trial.

For information on animal testing:

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Less Fat

I do not mean that eating vegan is the perfect fad diet to shed those pounds, and I'd never tell someone looking to loose weight that they should go vegan and vegan alone, as exercise and eating right are both essential to giving one a healthy body.

But its been shown many times that vegan diets have less fat and cholesterol than other diet forms. On top of that it has been stated many times as a great way to help with Diabetes.

"In addition to being richer in fruits and vegetables, vegetarian diets tend to be lower in total fat. Taber & Cook (1980) found lacto-ovo vegetarians to consume an average of 35 percent of energy as fat, compared to omnivores consuming over 40 percent of energy as fat. A study of the diets of a group of French vegetarians found they had a daily intake of 25 percent less fat than non-vegetarians (Millet, 1989). Vegetarians also tend to eat proportionally more polyunsaturated fat to saturated fat compared with non-vegetarians. Animal products are the major sources of dietary saturated fat."
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No, I don't mean you will never get sick if you go vegan. But if you watch the news you, see all the time that meat recalls from contaminated meat. Spinach was contaminated a few years back. But it seems like all the time we have some strand of bacteria or some food poison scare hitting the meat industry.
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Cruelty Free

I suppose this is sort of obvious, but I feel it needs to be on the list. Just being a dietary vegan/strict vegetarian 95% of dinner will be made without harming, injuring or abusing any non-human.

Yes I said 95%. That is a number I totally made up, though, but I'm sure its close to that. The thing is there are many things we can't stop from happening. including food that has sugar in it processed from bone char, plants grown with blood meal, and there are tons of others. The idea is to be is cruelty free as you can. And the more people that want and will buy 100% vegan food, will allow us all to go one step closer to being 100% cruelty free.
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The Dairy Industry

Going vegetarian is a great first step to bettering your health and helping the environment. But by going there you are not saving lives of animals. As it turns out 1/4th of all dairy cows are slaughtered every year. On top of this because cows have to be pregnant to make milk, all the male calfs are where veal comes from.