Top 10 Reasons to Work in Pornography Anything
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Top 10 Reasons to Work in Pornography

In these hard economic times, many of us are out there looking for work, but where should one even start? Did you cut your teeth in the auto trade? Ha! Good luck. Is your basic training in real estate? Whoa there, try again! Are you a college graduate tired of flipping burgers at McDonald's? Do you ever think, there's just so much more to life, like being penetrated by two penises? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe you should take a look at a career in the exciting world of pornographic films!

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    The Money Shot

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    If you're a female star, then you can easily make 100K - 250K per year! For you males out there, however, salaries tend to average closer to 40K per year, which isn't bad in this economy. Also, consider the work. You're having sex with hot girls.

    Still worried about the pay grade? Don't worry gentlemen, the world of porn does have its advancement opportunities and if you're willing to go gay, then you could be looking at a pay increase. Hint, hint.

    For the females, that difference between 100K and 250K breaks down to just how ambitious you are. If you're a run of the mill blowjob giver, then expect a run of the mill $200 to $400. However, if you're a REAL go-getter, then give double anal a try for a whopping $2,000 per scene! Sign me up!

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