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The Top 10 Sexiest MILFs in Movie History

Sure, it's not Mother's Day, not by a longshot, but Diane Lane just got cast as Clark Kent's mom in the Superman reboot, so it's time to look back on all of the most pants-tighteningly hot MILFs in film history, what roles they played, and what made them so hot. Here are the hottest movie moms of all time. If this list intrigues you I'd suggest checking out these Heidi Klum nude pics, or at least almost nude haha. But, the milfish Victoria Secret models list is a completely different matter. Enjoy the milfs!
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    Remember that movie where Julia Roberts played a smart and lovable prostitute? No, the other one. Yeah, so in Erin Brockovich she plays an apparently originally Polish woman who gets a really difficult job and then uses her heart of gold to bring down an entire Power company in California after they poison a watter supply. She won an Oscar for it. It's weird how many Oscar winners and nominees are on this list. I guess if you're going to play an insanely hot older woman, you need to do it right.

    In this movie, Erin Brockovich struggles to support her child (and her breasts) while bringing down some horrible conglomerates and powerful business types.

    Throughout the entire movie, when she's not fighting with Aaron Eckhart over how horrible her life is and how bad her kid has it, she's wearing insanely low cut shirts that actually become part of important moments and plot points in the movie.

    HERE she is swimming in a bikini on the set of her new movie.

    Aaand another shot here from the same shoot just cause

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    Played: Edie Stall in A History of Violence

    In this subtle, but surprisingly awesome comic book movie directed by film buff and geek favorite David Cronenberg, Mario Bello plays the wife/mother in Viggo Mortensen's family after he did Lord of the Rings, back when his career was at its peak and he was even doing stuff like Hidalgo.

    In order to show just how awesome their lives were before the Irish mobster character played by Ed Harris came into their lives, the film decided to put together a really fresh, endearing and true-to-life sex scene between Mario Bello's Edie and her husband.

    Just to spice up their sex life, for the fun of it (after he saves the day), she dresses up in her old cheerleader uniform (you know it's a comic book movie because she still fits into it) and they go on to have some very realistically loving and pretty awesome sex, which you can watch below.

    Oh yeah, and they also have a family, which includes kids, which makes her an amazingly hot MILF in this movie, I mean she still looks like THIS.

    Hot Mom Clip #4 - Watch more Funny Videos

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    Played: Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate

    Anne Bancroft is the original MILF of film. And she continues not only to be the sexiest, as she isn't just hot in her movie or teases a younger guy, but she goes all the way with him.

    She seduces Dustin Hoffman's character in The Graduate using some of the most iconic, hot and "I wish this would happen to me" moves ever used when an older woman is trying to seduce someone she shouldn't.

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    Played: Ellen Page plays a teenager (when she was herself 20) in the hit indie "comedy" Juno.

    Ellen Page plays a girl we all would've been in love with during high school, but wouldn't have stood a chance with because she'd have dated guys that looked a little more like THIS.

    In Juno, she knows all kinds of awesome stuff so much that she attracts Jason Bateman's (more like BAITman in this movie, amirite?) older, middle-aged man character with her knowledge of older bands and a bunch of references that 30something writers always unrealistically write into teenage characters they want to appeal to a broad audience.

    Either way, Juno in this movie is not only adorable, but completely understandably awesome. There's not a one of us who wouldn't want to deal with knocking her up (if she was as cool as she was in the movie) for an eventually unsatisfying night (for her) with her.

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