Top 10 Sexiest Reality TV Women as of 2009 TV Actors
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Top 10 Sexiest Reality TV Women as of 2009

These 10 hot reality TV women have really stepped it up lately. These Reality TV girls = amazing. Sexy reality TV has these women to thank for being so freakin' hot this year and these reality star pics prove it. So, you know how they say that reality TV is total trash? A waste of our time? Rotting our brains? That we should... ahem... READ something instead??... Well!! How the hell are we supposed to watch these babes be hot if we pick up a book? Don't be ridiculous...

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    Oh boy... Audrina, Audrina, Audrina... Yeah, we see her on "The Hills," and rumor has it, she's totally getting her own show! So... She dated Justin Bobby on "The Hills," and it seemed like she was way way too good looking for him (that's good news for you, fellas)... She gets criticized for being a dumb dumb... (who cares?)... And she filmed a Carl's Jr. commercial which somehow made burgers on the beach look like a good idea... (hard to do)... That's called a triple threat... You're a win in my books, Audrina!

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    I mean... You've seen her music video... and her boobs... Like... Her horrible life decisions/complete RIDICULOUS stupidity aside, give me a break, how can I not include her? I'm only giving this "The Hills," star this much...

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    Chanel the Receptionist

    "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" must have put out one hell of a Craigslist ad for a new receptionist... Or... Most likely, Dyrdek and crew scoured hundreds of applicants and chose the cutest (while equally qualified) receptionist they could find. While definitely a cutie, this girl is also able to spit a few rhymes... So, incase you're one of those guys who bank on their dates knowing how to freestyle with the best of them, this is your dream girl. For the rest of us, she looks like a fun girl with a pretty sweet job.

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    Olivia Palermo

    Olivia, from MTV's "The City" is pretty interesting... First of all, the show (or careful editing) makes it look like she's a terribly difficult, cold, anti-personable girl with an attitude that makes the bitchiest bitch of the West look like Mother Goose... However, I don't buy it... Most importantly, it doesn't matter if I buy it, total bitch or not, the girl's a babe!!

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