The 24 Sexiest Actually-Sexy Super Bowl Ads of All Time Anything
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The 24 Sexiest Actually-Sexy Super Bowl Ads of All Time

In honor of the Super Bowl, let's take a look at what it all comes down to... the Sexiest Superbowl commercials. The actually sex ones are included, nothing like the new Kate Upton or any lame things that happen to just star Victoria's Secret models. These are the hottest, actually-sexy Superbowl commercials of all time.

Some were banned, some were awesome to see with friends, some were awkward to watch with family... and most importantly some are burned, wonderfully, into our minds forever. Here are the top 10 sexiest superbowl ads of all time. With over 111 million viewers the 2012 Super Bowl was the biggest of all time as 33 percent of the US population watched it. This year can only be bigger. There is really no better time for large companies to put out their advertisements.

Most commercials are boring and give you absolutely no reason to watch them but these commercials draw people to watch the Super Bowl even if they don't like football. If companies are going to spend millions of dollars for the air time in order to have their commercial played during the Super Bowl then they definitely will make sure to entertain you so you don't leave to make a snack. And so these commercials are sexy and great to watch and will forever be known as some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. If you're looking for more sexy girls from commercials check out the sexy photos of the T Mobile girl, Carly Foulkes, that you've probably never seen before.

What are the sexiest Super Bowl ads of all time? Take a look here and see for yourself. These sexy ads, or sexy commercials won't disappoint!

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    Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. Commercial

    This is what Mercedes messed up this year. They could've had an iconic Superbowl commercial, but they somehow wasted Kate Upton. It's a damn shame. 

    This is what your dad felt like when you dropped 10 lbs of expensive meat before the big BBQ that one year. 

    This one's here because of this equation:

    Hot Girl + Hamburger + Classic Car + That Girl Being Kate Upton + Slow Motion + NSFW = The best Superbowl commercial of all time. 

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    Cindy Crawford's Sexy Pepsi Commercial

    Oh hi Cindy!

    Cindy Crawford's Pepsi commercial was a staple for sex in Superbowl commercials. It became so iconic that boobs are everywhere now more. 

    We probably have Cindy Crawford to thank for all the boobs on this list. 

    Thank you Cindy. 

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    Two girls fighting over beer for an entire minute. We will say no more.

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    2003 Bud Light Commercial (Yoga)

    Finally letting every guy in America do exactly what they want during a Yoga class, here's a commercial that somehow wasn't banned. Probably because everyone's wearing workout clothes. 

    This is the greatest loophole since body paint. 

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    You know when the strap to her top breaks your eyes bulge.

    The original GoDaddy girl commercial STILL hasn't been beaten. They set the bar pretty high for themselves and have yet to top a girl whose shirt keeps falling off while she tries desperately to dance for us. Hats off, Go Daddy, hats off.

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    00:06 - 00:09 (No, really)

    The three seconds we got of this girl are more unassuming and sexy than that Ali Landry thing everyone else is posting.

    Dear YouTube,

    Thank you for having a "Pause" button.

    Your Friends,


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